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Making Sense of Truck Racks Part 1 - Headache Racks and Cab Guards

Making Sense of Truck Racks Part 1 - Headache Racks and Cab Guards

The Truck Rack market is one that is highly saturated with manufacturers and models, enough to make anyone's head spin. What are truck racks? What makes a good truck rack, and what brands can you trust to offer consistently high quality products?

The short answer is check out our website. Auto Truck Depot has a rigorous vetting system that analyzes the products we sell to ensure that highest quality makes it into our stock room, at the most worthwhile value for your dollar. The long answer will span a multi-part blog where I will break down each type of truck rack and answer these questions in more detail.

BACKRACK Half Louvered Cab Guard 

Today's Products

In this first article, I will be discussing Headache Racks, also commonly known as Cab Guards. One great benefit of this style of rack is their cost effectiveness. As a base unit, the cost for a Headache Rack starts at the low 200's, giving you a huge upgrade in terms of cargo hauling capabilities for very little cost. Headache Racks serve three main purposes.

1) Protection

Cab Guards do exactly what their name says; they protect your cab from damage that could be caused by shifting cargo. If you suddenly slam on the brakes and a cargo item is flung towards your cab or rear window, it could shatter the window, or dent and scratch your truck. That is, unless you have a Cab Guard between the cargo and your truck. Headache Racks also allow you to secure cargo against your cab without fear of scratches or other damage, which leads us into their second purpose.

Aries Headache Rack

2) Cargo Hauling

Headache Racks are helpful when hauling cargo for a few reasons. The first is they give you a place to secure extra long cargo to. If you are hauling ladders or lumber, as an example, you can rest them against the top of the rack. This allows you to pin the bottom of the cargo against the base of your tailgate if it's long enough, or at least keep it inside the bed if it isn't, to make it more secure. It also stops the cargo from touching you cab, as mentioned above. You can then secure the items to your rack. Cab Guards also work very well in concert with Rear Racks to create a full truck rack.

3) Anchor Points

Finally, Headache Racks offer a tonne of anchor points for securing cargo. The various styles feature a wide range of mesh and bars that can be used to hook ratchet straps and bungee cords to. Whether you're hauling long cargo on your rack, furniture right behind your cab, or even just average gear that you want secured to the front of the bed, it can be done using a Cab Guard. 

Cab Guard/Headache Rack

The Brands

Headache Racks can go by several names. Some companies call them Cab Guards, some call them Truck Racks and other still prefer to use Headache Rack. What always stays the same is their versatility and functionality.


A Canadian company, BACKRACK is one of the best Headache Rack manufacturers for those looking to customize and deck out their cab guard, especially vehicles used for work on construction sites, for landscaping, and other jobs. BACKRACK offers an extremely wide range of add ons and accessories for their racks. These include light brackets like the Light Bar Bracket, Landscaping Tool Holders, and even Antenna Brackets for two way radio antennas. 

The Truck Racks themselves are available in a wide range of options that vary in style and cab coverage. This allows you to get a style of cab guard that not only looks the way you want, but performs the way you want. Some, like the Half-Louvered Rack, are designed to help keep some of the sun's harmful and hot UV rays out of your vehicle while leaving a space clear in the center of your truck for unobstructed vision through your rear view mirror. Others, like the Safety Rack, are all about cab protection, offering a full mesh protector that provides tonnes of anchor points and ensures nothing will get through to damage your cab. If you're looking to go all out, the Three Light Rack has a classic construction style with brake, reverse, and turn signal lights built into the rack, you just have to buy the bulbs separately.

BACKRACK Safety Truck Rack

BACKRACK's truck racks are constructed from hot rolled pickled and oiled HRPO steel. This is a scale free steel that won't peel and is extremely durable. This does mean that BACKRACK Cab Guards are heavier than most other brands, but because they're designed as a working rack that often isn't a problem. It also means that they are able to take a beating and keep running. 

It's important to note that, like most truck racks, BACKRACK markets their installation kits separately. This is because every pickup truck is a little bit different and everybody needs an installation kit that will suit their specific situation. BACKRACK designs their mounting kits to suit each vehicle model, meaning they are always going to fit perfectly. They also offer three different mounting kits, Toolbox Kits, Low Profile Kits, and Standard Kits. In the end, this saves you money because you don't pay extra to get a mounting kit with the rack that might not be right for your application. Instead you can chose the kit that is right for your installation the first time. 

BACKRACK also offers a Tonneau Cover Adapter Kit so that you can use the truck rack while a tonneau cover is installed on your bed. You can't, however, have both the toolbox and tonneau cover kits. If you're looking to upgrade a work truck, or if you're a contractor of someone who works their truck hard, BACKRACK is likely the best choice for you.

Aries Logo

In contrast to BACKRACK, Aries Headache Racks are designed for more recreational use. This isn't to say that they aren't still high quality, durable truck racks, but rather that they sacrifice the ability to add work accessories for really great look. Their style is perfect for those who are looking to make their truck truly their own by adding unique, stylish, and hard working accessories onto it.

Aries AdvantEDGE Carbide Black Headache Rack

Aries really only has one main model of headache rack, the AdvantEDGE. This rack, however, is available in Carbide Black and Chrome finishes. These styles are designed to match up with a series of other products in the AdvantEDGE line, including Bull Bars and Side Bars

Because Aries has designed their products around custom truck builders, they have chosen to construct their racks out of treated, hardened aluminum. This makes the rack durable and functional, but also very lightweight. This means they can support the weight of your cargo without weighing down your truck down, and they are easy to take off and install when necessary. Aluminum also has this nifty, atomic trait where it doesn't react with oxygen, which means that it will never rust or corrode. There are also no plastic parts, which means no cracking or fading.

Aries Headache Rack

Aries is a more expensive buy than most other headache racks. Part of this is due to the fact that they are a more specialized, stylized product, and the other part is due to the fact that everything comes together in one kit. So while a BACKRACK purchase may involve 2 to 5 smaller purchases, an Aries Headache Rack will involve one larger purchase. There is even a track built in to the crossbar on the top of the rack that is compatible with many offroad lights. So if you're looking to build a truck that has a killer look and is capable of venturing far off the beaten path, Aries is likely the best choice for you.

WestCan Full Bar Cab Guard


While WestCan refers to their Headache Racks as cab guards, they serve the same purpose. WestCan's racks are somewhat of a middle ground between Aries and BACKRACK, in that they offer a lot of the work truck accessories for add ons, but not quite as many. Their price range is very similar to BACKRACK's as well. 

The installation kits are sold separately, just like BACKRACK's, and they are available as a Standard Kit or a Crossover Toolbox Kit that allows you to install the rack alongside a toolbox in your truck bed. There are light mount brackets available that allow you to install lights onto your rack. If you're thinking this is starting to sound familiar, well, that's because it is. But there is one important distinction to make with WestCan versus the other cab guards. They require a Secondary Hold Down Kit to ensure a secure mount if you aren't installing them with a rail kit. WestCan racks are constructed from structural anodized aluminum to keep the weight down so that they are versatile and long lasting. 

WestCan Full Mesh Cab Guard

In Summary

Headache Racks, Cab Guards, or sometimes Trucks Racks, are all quite similar. What tends to set the brands we carry apart is the features that are available and their style of construction.

So when you are looking at purchasing a Headache Rack, you should first consider what you are going to be using it for. Is it going to see a lot of heavy use and get exposed to hard impacts? If so, you may want to consider BACKRACK, versus Aries and WestCan which are great for a combination of personal and work use.

Thanks for giving this article a read through. Stay tuned for part two, where I will talk more about another kind of truck rack, why they are different, and their uses and benefits. If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

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New Truck Bed Covers from UnderCover: Ultra Flex & Ridgelander

New Truck Bed Covers from UnderCover: Ultra Flex & Ridgelander

One of our favorite tonneau covers has always been the UnderCover Flex. This cover is one of the top, best-selling tri-fold covers we carry, and for good reasons. The UnderCover Flex is easy to use, has a solid and sturdy construction, and not to mention, it looks fantastic on any pickup truck.

UnderCover is also renowned for its series of solid one-piece truck bed covers like the Classic and LUX. These covers are constructed of the finest materials and quality craftsmanship, and have been the staple of UnderCover's product line for a while now, but UnderCover has just recently introduced two new covers that are definitely worth checking out; the UnderCover Ultra Flex and RidgeLander.

UnderCover Ultra Flex Tonneau Cover

UnderCover Ultra Flex Tonneau Cover

The new Ultra Flex tonneau cover is like a beefed up and improved version of the already amazing UnderCover Flex tonneau cover. This cover has a similar design, but with improvements like tighter seals, improved drainage systems, latches that provide better security and are easier to use, and panel undersides that have a protective carpet-like finish. If that's not enough, UnderCover has even decided to include some additional must-have features like saddlebags that mount inside your truck bed for additional storage and dual-rail lighting for accessing your truck bed in the dark!

UnderCover Ultra Flex SaddlebagUnderCover Ultra Flex in Bed Lighting

If you're a fan of the UnderCover Flex, you definitely need to check out the Ultra Flex, because they've really outdone themselves with this new hard folding cover. And this isn't the only new cover to be added to the collection!

UnderCover RidgeLander Tonneau Cover

If you're looking for maximum truck bed security and versatility in a tonneau cover, you can't overlook the new UnderCover RidgeLander. The RidgeLander has a similar construction and all the benefits of the UnderCover Classic with its solid 1-piece design, sturdy construction, and OEM styled centered lock. This cover has always been a gem, and now with the UnderCover RidgeLander, it comes equipped with a built in perimeter track system that provides a base rack system that can be customized to fit your lifeststyle and needs perfectly.

This cover comes equipped with Quick Mount Legs and Two Vortex Aero Load Bars, which can be adjusted or moved, and used with the many available Rhino-Rack add-ons to help you carry your gear. Loading up your truck with bikes, snowboards, and camping gear has never been more convenient. 

To take a look at these covers for yourself by visiting our UnderCover Tonneau Cover collection.

Setting Up Your Pickup Truck with BACKRACK Truck Racks & Cab Guards

Setting Up Your Pickup Truck with BACKRACK Truck Racks & Cab Guards

BACKRACK is one North America's leading manufacturers of Cab Guards for pickup trucks. Their products are manufactured exclusively in Oakville, Ontario, and have been since 1988. BACKRACK focuses on their core line of products, meaning they do one thing extremely well. They offer high quality, Canadian-made truck racks at a competitive price. On top of that, with warehouses located strategically across North America, their turnaround time on orders is fast.

In this article, I will walk through everything you need to know about BACKRACK in order to start shopping for your own rack system. This includes a detailed discussion of their features as well as the accessories. It is important to note that each BACKRACK Cab Guard requires one of the three different styles of mounting brackets for installation. They sell the brackets separately to save their customers money. Instead of getting a standardized bracket with the rack at a higher cost and having to buy a second, specialized bracket, you can buy the one you need the first time.

BACKRACK Louvered Rack

The Multiple Uses of BACKRACK Products

Before we delve too deeply, I would like to briefly talk about the different functions of BACKRACK Cab Guards. One of the things that makes BACKRACK such a useful product is the fact that it does, indeed, serve more than one purpose.

The first is as a Cab Guard. The heavy duty steel frame and well constructed cross pieces are designed to take a hit. This means they will protect your cab from damage that could be caused by shifting cargo as well as keeping long items like ladders and lumber from contacting the cab, which will save you a lot of money on dents and paint scratches. The steel is run through a double protection process; first an electro-static dip and then a black powder coat finish. This leaves you with an extremely durable, sharp looking black coat that is resistant to scratches, peeling, and chipping. The guard also serves to protect your rear window from shattering, cracking, or chipping caused by impact. For more details on their coating process, check out the video below.

It's second, but no less important, purpose, is as a Rack. The frame and cross pieces offer tonnes of places for you to attach bungee cords or ratchet straps. Not only does this allow you to secure extra long cargo that wouldn't normally fit in your truck bed (lumber, ladders, etc.) it also gives you a convenient place to secure overly tall or wobbly cargo (barbecues, dressers, etc.) easily to the back of your cab. The connection will be much more secure, and you won't have to worry about finding a way to keep the strap near the top of the cargo while it hooks on way down below.

BACKRACK Accessory Light Bar Bracket

Finally, BACKRACK offers a wide variety of brackets that allow you to customise your Cab Guard in a vast number of ways to suit your needs. Is your vehicle a work truck that needs to have whips for visibility? Or perhaps you only need to mount some sort of light accessory. What about a 2 way antenna or landscaping tools? Whatever kind of work your truck needs to do, BACKRACK has you covered with in-house brackets and mounting accessories so that you don't need to go elsewhere to find some "universal" bracket that may not even fit. BACKRACK even makes their racks compatible with tonneau covers and toolboxes!

Alright, now that we have the very basic elements of BACKRACK out of the way, let's dive into the details of the product.

BACKRACK Safety Rack Cab Guard Truck Rack

BACKRACK Truck Racks

BACKRACK is unique in that they try to focus their production energy on one main product. Their logic is that if a company focuses on too many different things, each product receives less attention and, therefore, lacks the highest quality that it could have. Because of this, BACKRACK produces nothing but Cab Guards and accessories that can be used with them.

All BACKRACK Cab Guards allow you a clear line of sight through the rear window of your vehicle. While some have a more full frame than others, none of the racks will fully obscure your view.

BACKRACK Original Style Cab Guard

Backrack Original

The BACKRACK Original Style Cab Guard is designed to be the Jack-of-all-Trades of their Cab Guards. The idea behind the Original is a sleek, attractive design that looks professional, keeps your vehicle's profile down, while offering the fullest range of functionality and durability. As such, the Original is compatible with the greatest number of Mounting Brackets and accessories to give you the widest range of capabilities for your vehicle.

The Original's low profile allows you to park your vehicle inside your garage or indoor parkades without an issue, and it is compatible with virtually all of BACKRACK'S Mounting Brackets. But we will talk more about those later.

Finally, the Original is designed for an easy installation that takes an hour or less and requires no drilling or modification to your truck on most models. Time is money, so whether we are talking about a company vehicle or your own working pickup truck, BACKRACK believes that quick, reliable installation that is simple to figure out is of the utmost importance. Check out the video below for more details on the installation process.

BACKRACK Variant Racks

BACKRACK All Cab Guards Banner

Beyond the Original, BACKRACK offers a few different styles of Cab Guards. These variant styles are engineered to be more effective in specific scenarios, so you can choose the rack that best suits the work your truck will be doing. These variants are constructed from the same materials and offer the same high quality, long lasting durability that the Original has. One of the biggest differences is that they often require a little bit of extra work when attaching BACKRACK accessories.

BACKRACK Louvered Rack

Louvered Rack

The BACKRACK Louvered Cab Guard offers the same durability, and rear window and cab protection as the rest of the BACKRACK line. The Louvered Rack does, however, offer increased protection from harmful UV rays. This is because the louvers are designed to reflect or absorb a lot of sunlight. That means not only will your window receive less damage over time from UV radiation, so will your interior fabrics and other surfaces, while still allowing a great view through your rear window. The Louvered Rack also protects the people in your vehicle from some of the UV radiation, and helps to keep some of the heat out, leaving you with a cooler cab.

BACKRACK Half Louvered Cab Guard

Half-Louvered Rack

There is also a Half-Louvered Cab Guard option available. This version allows you some of the UV protection of the full Louvered Rack, but leaves the center of your rear window open. While still protecting it from damage, this gap allows you a less-obstructed view through your rear-window. The biggest weakness of the full Louvered Rack is that the louvers aren't as strong as cross pieces in other racks, leaving you with less to strap to. The Half-Louver offers a middle ground, with extra vertical supports that can be used to strap cargo to.

BACKRACK Safety Cab Guard

Safety Rack

Offering the most protection and the highest number of anchor points for strapping, the Safety Rack is perfect for a truck that really gets put through the paces. The two inch wire screen is constructed from 3/16" cold rolled wire that is welded at each and every joint. What does that mean? It means that the mesh is extremely durable. It means that each intersection piece of mesh can be used as an anchor point. It means that the entirety of your rear window and cab is protected from damage, while still offering you a great line of sight through your rear window and the maximum amount of versatility when strapping cargo to the rack.

BACKRACK Half Safety Cab Guard

Half-Safety Rack

Just like with the louvered series, the Safety Rack line also features a Half-Safety Rack. This rack offers your vehicle the ultimate in cab and window protection while giving your a clear space to see through for less visual distractions. The Safety series is by far the best option for cab and rear window protection.

BACKRACK Three Round Cab Guard

Three Round Rack

BACKRACK's Three Round Cab Guard gives you exactly what the name suggests. Each side of the rack has three round, vertical support columns that both shield your rear window and offer a location to anchor your straps to. The Three Round is the perfect balance between the sleek, low profile look of the BACKRACK original and the cab and rear window protection of the Safety Rack.

BACKRACK Three Light Cab Guard

Three Light Rack

BACKRACK's Three Light Cab Guard is designed to look professional and add style and functionality to the working truck. It offers mounting points across the lower half of the rack with light covers on each side. The lights themselves must be purchased separately, but once installed you will have a functioning set of lights that add visibility to your truck. This is a must have for anyone towing utility trailers or working on site with their vehicle.

The Mounting Brackets

The next most important step in setting up your BACKRACK Truck Rack is the mounting kit. BACKRACK doesn't include the mounting bracket because every truck and every situation is different. Some people will need to adapt their rack to a toolbox, and others to a tonneau cover, while others still won't need to adapt to anything. So, rather than selling you the rack with a standard bracket or a universal mounting kit and then requiring you to purchase a different mounting kit separately at greater cost to yourself, they have opted to lower the cost and sell them all separately. BACKRACK offers three different styles of mounting brackets to make sure their racks are compatible with a wide range of trucks.

Hardware Kits Banner

Standard Bracket

Designed to mount your BACKRACK Truck Rack onto a standard pickup truck bed with no tonneau cover or toolbox, the Standard Bracket kit requires absolutely no drilling. It simply bolts into your Stake Pocket Holes in an hour or less. The Standard Bracket has a sleek design that offers a durable and secure mounting point that looks great.

BACKRACK Toolbox Mounting Bracket

Toolbox Bracket

The Toolbox Bracket allows you to install a BACKRACK Truck Rack on a pickup truck that has a toolbox installed. The bracket installs with no drilling in an hour or less, and then your toolbox sits on top. You drill through the bottom of the toolbox and into the bracket to ensure a secure hold without any damage or alteration to your truck.

This bracket can also be purchased in a low profile version, which keeps your toolbox flush with your bed rails. It does, however, require you to drill holes into the bed rails for mounting.

BACKRACK Tonneau Cover Adapter Bracket 4000 Series

Tonneau Cover Bracket

The Tonneau Cover Adapter Bracket comes in two sizes, the 4000 Series and 5000 Series. The 4000 Series is designed for use with tonneau covers that install on tracks inside the bed rails, the adaptor raises your truck rack a small distance off your bed rails to allow clearance for the tonneau cover. The 5000 series does the same for tonneau covers that fold and rest on top of the rail, giving your rack extra height to ensure clearance so your tonneau cover can sit properly. This mounting bracket offers your truck bed maximum versatility, as it means you can use both your truck rack for long cargo and seal up your truck bed to keep smaller, more fragile cargo safe. For more details on the different bracket types and which one you need, check out the video below.


The Accessories

Now that we've talked about the various different kinds of racks, I'm going to go through and discuss the accessories. It is important to note that the accessories available are almost exclusively Mounting Brackets. This means that they can be added to your truck rack to provide a platform for things like lights, whips, antennae, and tools. They do not, however, come with those pieces, they are just the mounting brackets.

Each mounting bracket is designed to bolt into existing holes in the BACKRACK Original Style Cab Guard. If you want to install them on the other Cab Guard Styles, you will have to do some minor drilling and cutting on the vertical frame posts to allow the brackets the space to bolt on to. Center mount brackets are excluded from this, as they mount using a clamp system, which may not be compatible with all truck racks. Make sure to check the details of each bracket before purchasing to avoid any compatibility issues.

BACKRACK Utility Light Bracket

Light Mount Brackets, like the 10 1/2" Base Light Mount are designed to install on on the top of the vertical support bars. Once installed they provide a base (also available in  6 1/2" and 16" x 7" sizes) on top of which your light mounts. Each base has a hole in the center so that the wiring for your light can pass through without crimping or being damaged.

BACKRACK Folding Light Mount Bracket

The brackets are available in center mount, passenger mount, and drivers side mount orientations. You can even get a Folding Bracket or a Large Light Bar Bracket Pair so that you can mount a light bar that runs the width of your truck!

If lights aren't what you're looking for, you can also get an Antenna Bracket so that you can mount the antenna for a two way radio to help keep in touch with your crew. If you are working on site in a construction zone or a mine and need your truck to be visible, BACKRACK offers a Whip Mount Bracket so that you can mount mining or buggy whips to your truck.

BACKRACK Mine Whip Mounting BracketBACKRACK Antenna Mount Bracket

The best part is they are fully customisable. If you really like symmetry, you can get two identical brackets that will support two identical lights. You can also mix and match between sizes and styles as you see fit. Lights and a mine whip, two lights, or a mine whip and antenna. The options are endless, and you can customise them to perfectly match your needs. Keep in mind, however, that each post can only support one bracket of a single type.

BACKRACK Landscaping Tool RackBACKRACK 5 Tool Rack

The 5 Tool and 11 Tool Landscaping Tool Racks are other available add ons. These racks are perfect for hauling around a variety of large and small handled tools so that you can get them to the job site securely without taking up extra cargo space in your truck bed. You can still secure larger or longer cargo to your truck rack with this accessory on it, however it may limit some cargo capacity.

Truck Bed Add Ons

BACKRACK offers two accessories that do not attach to the Cab Guard. They do, however, work in concert with the truck racks to provide a more effective method of hauling large cargo.


Side Rail

BACKRACK's Side Rail add ons are a great pairing with a Truck Rack or on their own. They offer your truck an extra space to strap cargo to, as well as a support to keep gear off of your bed rails to prevent damage. But these side rails aren't just a pretty looking accessory. The heavy gauge HRPO tubing is fully welded on to an angular base that runs the length of the truck for extra durability. They are available for 6.5 and 8 foot truck beds, and they're even available in a model compatible with toolboxes so that you can get the most use out of your truck. They install easily with no drilling by bolting into the Stake Pocket Holes. They are even styled after the BACKRACK Truck Racks so that the angles match to keep your truck looking flawless.

BACKRACK Rear Bar Accessory

Rear Bar

To complement their side rails, BACKRACK also offers a Rear Bar that can be used to strap long cargo like ladders securely and fully outside of your truck bed, leaving you with as much storage space as possible. Just like the rest of their products, the Rear Bar is designed to protect your tailgate from damage. The bar includes two mounting hooks that are lined up perfectly with the vertical supports of BACKRACK Truck Racks to make mounting ladders or lumber easier. It also allows you to have a tonneau cover closed and in use on your truck bed, so that you don't have to choose between one or the other.

Hopefully I have been able to provide you with a clear, and thorough discussion of BACKRACK products. The most important takeaway is that these products are organized in a "build-your-own" style that allows you to maximize your customization to suit the situation of your truck and lifestyle. Thanks for reading, and we'll catch you in the next article.

Everything You Need to Know About Truck Covers USA

Everything You Need to Know About Truck Covers USA

Truck Covers USA Logo

Truck Covers USA is a company that manufactures top-of-the-line truck bed covers. What makes them so unique is the amount of available customization. Truck Covers USA offers a wide variety of add ons and styles that come directly from the manufacturer, which creates their seamless appearance and functionality. In this blog post, I will explore these options and give you the information you need to start shopping for your own custom Truck Covers USA tonneau cover system.

American Work Cover Add Ons

The Basic - American Roll Cover

The base model, the American Roll Cover is the same Retractable Tonneau Cover that you will get with every upgraded and modified unit. Don't underestimate this workhorse though. This superior cover is constructed from double walled aluminum, for which there are two key reasons.

Aluminum Panels of Truck Cover USA Tonneau Covers

The first is that aluminum is extremely lightweight, which makes installing and operating the cover much easier. It can also help increase your fuel economy, both due to it's lightweight and aerodynamic design, by up to 10%. The second reason aluminum is an ideal material is that it doesn't react with oxygen. This means that unlike steel, it won't rust. The aluminum is then finished with a black powder coat to help prevent scratching and minimize the visibility of grime buildup. To top it all off, the cover can support up to 500 pounds of evenly distributed weight. With security at the top of their list of priorities, the American Roll Cover comes standard with OEM style key locks for the tonneau cover that will secure your cover at the tailgate. The interlinking pattern that holds the aluminum panels together secures the cover against nearly any penetration whatsoever.

Truck Covers USA Tonneau Covers

The American Roll Cover is constructed in the style of a retractable tonneau cover, which means that when it isn't in use, it retracts into a canister for compact, easy storage. Truck Covers USA pride themselves in making one of the smallest and strongest canisters on the market. At 8 inches tall by 8 inches wide, and constructed from galvanized sheet metal finished with the same black powder coating as the cover, they're likely right. The lid on the canister is constructed from aluminum for its lightweight, rustproof qualities to help extend the durability and lifespan of your cover. They even manufacture their own clamp mount system, so they can be sure it is as strong as possible.

Truck Covers USA Tonneau Cover Canister

When retracting into the canister, a torsion spring and a long pull strap ensure smooth operation without having to climb into the truck bed. The cover can lock every 12 inches along the tracks, allowing maximum versatility when it comes to hauling a combination of large and small cargo. It's perfect for fifth wheel hitches as well. When fully closed, the extra wide side rail seals and a four way Flex Tube drainage system funnels water away from your cover and your truck bed to keep your gear as dry as possible. 

Truck Covers USA Folding Tonneau Cover

The American Roll Cover installs in an hour or less, and requires minimum servicing. As long as you keep it clean and clear out the canister occasionally, it will last the life of your truck.

American Roll Cover

The Add Ons

Now for the part that you've all come to this blog for. The American Roll Cover can play host to a ton of cool features manufactured by Truck Covers USA itself.

Truck Covers USA Keyless Entry

The Keyless Entry Quick Release is an option that was added by Truck Covers USA at the request of their customers. The standard lock system that comes with the cover must be activated to unlock and open the cover. Now, with this keyless entry, you can open your cover for cargo loading and unloading without needing the key. It's great to have as a backup in case you lose the key and need to open the cover, or if you are only travelling a short distance, or will be opening the cover frequently. The custom made, molded plastic handle is durable and comes pre-installed when you order it with your American Roll Cover. It's located right by the pull strap for convenience of use – just drop your tailgate to gain access to it.

Truck Covers USA American Rack System

Another awesome add on available for the American Roll Cover is their American Rack System. For this, they teamed up with Yakima, one of the major manufacturers of bike, board, and ski racks for vehicles. This add on can be ordered pre-installed with your new American Roll Cover, or it can be order Pre-Cut for your specific vehicle application so you can install it on an existing American Roll Cover. These tracks are installed into the side rail mounts of the American Roll Cover, allowing you full use of your tonneau cover and giving you a mount with a large number of cargo carrying possibilities. The next step is the Full Add On Kit. This kit gives you all of the components of the risers and crossbars, including landing pads, control towers, locking cores, and the bars themselves. This kit installs quickly and easily. Once it's on, this system will Plug and Play with virtually every Yakima rack. This means you will be able to haul your bikes, boards, or skis out to your favourite trails and still pack your truck bed with more cargo while keeping it covered.

Truck Covers USA American Truck Rack System

The American Truck Rack is another available option from Truck Covers USA. This system is designed to work in complement with your tonneau cover, just like the Rack System. The Truck Rack offers the working truck a covered truck bed that can also haul long items like lumber and ladders to the job site. It's quick and easy to install, and extremely durable. The American Truck Rack is an add on that no working truck should go without.

The Big Upgrade

The small add ons for the American Roll Cover are pretty sweet, but there's one upgrade that trumps them all; the American Work CoverThis unit is purchased in place of the base Roll Cover model. It comes with the same quality tonneau cover and has all of same capacity for add ons, and so much more.

Truck Covers USA American Work Cover

The obvious benefit here is the full sized toolbox. Built directly into the canister that stores the tonneau cover, the upper half of the container becomes home for two powder coated black steel tool trays that are included. This upgrade allows you to store your tools and other important equipment somewhere easier to reach and in a more organized manner. Other than that, you're getting exactly the same product as the American Roll Cover. The toolbox comes standard with matching, OEM style handles and locks. The lock itself features a molded rubber flange for the housing to provide protection from water and dust infiltration, and the whole lid is weather sealed.

Just like the canister on the Roll Cover, the entire toolbox is constructed from black powder coated galvanized steel for durability and protection from damage, with a dual-stage powder coat process for rust resistance.

Truck Covers USA American Work Cover

The Little Upgrade

If you're after a tonneau cover toolbox combo but need to conserve truck bed space, Truck Covers USA has your answer. The American Work Cover Jr is a purchasable upgrade that can be added on to your existing American Roll Cover or purchased with a new cover as a combo. The great benefit of this cover is that it offers you a toolbox tonneau combo which takes up no more bed space than a standard Retractable Tonneau Cover would, giving you the maximum use of your space. It installs directly on top of the canister. Keep your tools organised and close at hand, while secured by the same OEM handle and lock as the standard Work Cover.

Truck Covers USA American Work Cover Jr.

The X Upgrade

An upgrade available for the American Work Cover and Work Cover Jr., the American X-box is a must have on any hard working truck. Constructed and finished with Line-X Premium, this version of either Work Cover toolbox has all of the same features and benefits, but it's been beefed up. Line-X Premium offers you the most long lasting, durable option for those that really work their trucks hard. Top of line abrasion and high impact resistance are two features that have been improved upon. On top of that, the X-box features UV protection that gives the toolbox a long lasting luster, and high end fade resistance. Line-X Premium is VOC free, environmentally friendly, and even adds protection from stains caused by harsh chemicals.

Truck Covers USA with Rack System

The Add Ons

The addition of the toolbox opens up a whole new world of customization for your Truck Covers USA product. It is important to note that, on top of the add ons listed below, all of the products available for the American Roll Cover are available for the Work Covers as well except for the American Truck Rack.

Truck Covers USA American Work Cover with LED Lights

The most obvious add on available on the full size Work Cover, and one that should never be overlooked, is the LED Light Strip. If ever you find yourself out in the wild at night missing a flashlight, or just need both hands to use your toolbox, these lights will save your life. Built into the lid of the toolbox and protected by a black powder coated shield to prevent them from being smashed, they offer a bright, low energy light that will allow you to find what you need in your toolbox. The benefits to LEDs, of course, are their low energy requirement that will be easy on your vehicle's battery, their surprisingly bright light, and their capability to run for a very long time.

Another great add on that allows you to customize your toolbox and truck bed access is the Power Locking Actuator Set. Pre-installed on your new American Work Cover and ready to be wired, this set of 2 power actuators link up with your toolbox locks and allow you to use them remotely from your truck's existing key fob. They have a high power output, which ensures they will successfully lock and unlock in even the harshest climates, and they even have thermal protectors to prevent overheating. They are engineered to work with your key locks, so that you never have to worry about losing the key to your toolbox again.

Truck Covers USA Chrome Handle Upgrade

Truck Covers USA also offers aesthetic upgrades that allow you to enhance your cover's style. The Chrome Handle upgrade swaps out the classic black handles for stylish chrome ones. They keep to the OEM look and key lock, leaving you with the same great quality and a look that better suits your taste. Chrome Handles are available on both the full size Work Cover and Work Cover Jr.

Stainless Steel Tray Upgrade Truck Covers USA

In a similar fashion, you can also purchase an upgrade that will replace your powder coated black toolbox trays with stainless steel ones. This option serves an aesthetic purpose, offering you the mirror-like lustre and classy style of stainless steel, as well as some practical ones. These high quality, stainless steel trays feature a high nickel content, which means that they are extremely resistant to rust. This is quite important when you are likely to put wet tools in the tray.  Stainless steel is longer lasting, and offers a distinct look that could be better suited for your vehicle.

In Summary

Truck Covers USA offers some of the best products on the market for upgrading and personalising your truck bed storage space. From the base model American Roll Cover to the American Work cover, you will be sure to get the cover that suits your lifestyle perfectly. Then you can customise it as much as you want to add racks, save space, increase the ease of use, and mark your truck with your signature style. The best part of this set up is it is compatible with many other aftermarket truck bed accessories. 

Hopefully this article has given you enough information that you can begin building your own Truck Covers USA product. With all parts available pre-installed and many available later for self installation, and a 2 year warranty to help you rest easy, you can be sure you'll be happy with the choice.

Be sure to check this video from SEMA that demonstrates the features of the Truck Covers USA Tonneau Cover!

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact us at:

Auto Truck Depot

107, 42 Ave SW, Calgary, Alberta
Toll Free: 1-855-253-4330

Merry Christmas from Auto Truck Depot

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Merry Christmas from your friends at Auto Truck Depot!

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December 14, 2016 by Jay Gervais
Why You Want a Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover

Why You Want a Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover

Tri-Fold Tonneau Covers are a unique style of tonneau cover that feature three folding panels. They are one of the most popular styles of tonneau cover for several reasons. They are available in both hard and soft styles, and each has several benefits. I walk through each of these in detail to help you come to a decision that you be happy with.


Pricing is always a key factor when purchasing a tonneau cover. Everyone has a budget, and everyone has expenses and it is important to know what is available to your for the purchase. Tri-Fold Tonneau covers vary in price, starting as low as $799.99 for the Lund Hard Tri-Fold Cover, reaching up to $2,799.99 for the BAKFlip CS-F1 Hard Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover and Rack Combo. It is this wide range in pricing and options that really make the Tri-Fold Tonneau cover popular. It means, even a low budget purchase can still buy into the style. The wide variety in pricing also means a wide variety in options and features, which allow a wide range of versatility in your choice based on your specific needs.


Tri-Fold Tonneau Covers are some of the most weatherproof tonneau covers available. This is partially because of their three folding panels. While retractable covers have to slide along rails and roll up covers are lightweight and velcro into place, there are a lot more possible places for leaks to occur. Likewise, due to their impermanent and compact nature, they do not have as effective of water shedding systems.

Tri-Fold Tonnea Cover panels have weight to them, and when they fold over they make a consistent, firm seal. This ensures that the edges of the cover are well protected against even small streams of water. Likewise, because of their larger profile and more permanent panel fixture, are able to have built in water drainage passageways and tubes. This helps ensure watershed is quickly funnelled off the top of the cover and away from your truck bed.


Tri-Fold Tonneau Covers, most specifically the Hard Tri-Fold, are the most secure covers you can buy. This is because rather than just a soft roll top or a a retractable cover with tonnes of joints, there are only three or four breaks in the surface of the top. Many of the hard tri-folds are also designed with extra security at the joints. The hinges feature elbows and interlinked connections so that a thief with a knife can't simply push straight through and pry the panel open. many of them also come standard with key lock features, and the quick keyless entry latches are always located behind the tailgate, so that you can secure them that way.


Tri-Fold covers often offer multiple locking positions so that you can haul a wide variety of cargo. If everything you're carrying is small and needs protection, you can simply lock the cover in a fully closed position. They can also be secured at one or two other partially open positions. This allows you to store small fragile cargo at the front of your truck bed covered, and still be able to carry large items at the back of your bed. The covers can also be quickly removed if you need to haul all large gear, like quads or large furniture loads. Some covers will even secure against the back of your cab to offer you a tonne of space without having to remove the cover.

Durable, weatherproof, versatile and longlasting, the Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover style is very popular. They are easy to clean and care for and they are available in wide variety of price ranges, so that you can find the perfect cover for your budget and application! 


Prepare for Winter With Auto Truck Depot's Vehicle Services!

Prepare for Winter With Auto Truck Depot's Vehicle Services!

Winter is a word that many of us in Canada don't like to use. This could be for a variety of reasons, whether it's an aversion to the difficult  climate that comes with it or simply the lack of warm, sunny days. But winter isn't the end, my friends! We are Canadians, and what do we do in the face of cold, snow, and adversity? We bundle up, pad our gear, and truck on nonetheless! Don't let winter slow you, or your vehicle, down this winter! Bring your truck, car, or van in to Auto Truck Depot and we will get you set to ensure that the winter conditions don't inhibit or damage it.

Undercoating is just one of many options that the Auto Truck Depot offers to keep your vehicle in tip top shape. Salt is great for keeping ice off the roads and preventing slippery conditions, but when your are cruising at highway speeds that salt is flung up into the underside of your vehicle.

There's a lot of important stuff down there, like your muffler, oil pan, exhaust, and countless other pieces of metal that make your vehicle run smoothly. A buildup of salt is bad enough, but when mixed with water it provides the perfect breeding ground for colonies of rust. Our professionals will apply undercoating to protect your vehicle's guts not just from rust, but also guard against impacts from rocks and other road debris to prevent cracking and other damage. Not only that, but undercoating will even dampen vibrations and travel noise! For more details, check out the link above.

It isn't just your vehicle's underbelly that is subject to rust. Until we stop building our vehicles with steel, the majority of their components can rust. On the surface, rust can be an annoyance, damaging your vehicle's paint and panels and leaving it looking old and worn. But that's not the worst scenario. Deep inside the crevices of your truck, there are hundreds upon hundreds of spot welds, joints, elbows, and other vulnerable locations. Salt and moisture build up in out of sight places is often overlooked and is nearly impossible to clean. The result? Patches of rust forming on the chassis of your vehicle, on support columns, sway bars, axles, and countless of places. If left unchecked, these rust patches can severely damage the steel and affect the structural integrity of your vehicle. Our professionals will apply rust prevention materials to help stop the formation of rust, and even remove some of it! Check out our services page to find out more!

We also perform the highly precise task of applying paint protection film on your vehicle. This film not only helps seal out moisture to aide rustproofing agents, it also protects your paint from rocks, bugs, and other road debris that could cause chips and peeling paint.

A dirty vehicle interior can not only be gross and annoying, it can also present health hazards. Buildup of insects, eggs, dust, dirt, and other materials that may have been dragged in by your boots and clothes can lead to colds, allergy problems, and many other inconveniences. Besides, who wants to sit for hours in a dirty car? Don't wait for spring cleaning, bring your vehicle in to Auto Truck Depot for our professional detailing, and we will ensure that when you're sitting in your car keeping warm this winter, you'll be comfortable.

We offer a wide variety of interior cleaning services and packages, including leather and fabric protection to prevent stains and make cleanup easier, and various interior and exterior detailing packages. Check them out and make sure your vehicle is ready for the upcoming winter months! 

November 30, 2016 by Ryan Drescher
Black Friday and Cyber Monday at Auto Truck Depot

Black Friday and Cyber Monday at Auto Truck Depot

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Blowout!


We would like to extend a warm thanks to all of our loyal customers. Here at Auto Truck Depot, our customers are family, and we strive to offer you the highest quality products and the best service while giving you the most competitive prices. We wouldn't be here if it weren't for our valued customers, and we want nothing more than to continue to serve you.

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Do you know anyone who's vehicle needs some upgrades? Are you preparing for next summer's camp-outs or this winter's adventures? Maybe it's about time you started holiday shopping? No matter who you're buying for, now is the time to get them, or you, the gift you've always wanted!

Please note that 20% off coupons are only applicable with regular priced items; the discount cannot be applied to Buyer's Club Member pricing.