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Car Seat Protection Calgary

Fabric and Leather Protection sprays are one of many professional protections services that Auto Truck Depot offers Calgary and the surrounding area. The interior is one of the most important areas of your vehicle, as you and your passengers spend your time there. Your seats are exposed to a lot of wear and tear caused by spills, pets, and the friction of your clothes scraping as you climb in and out. If your interior looks good and feels comfortable, you'll be holding on to your vehicle a lot longer.

Auto Truck Depot offers professional protection services to ensure that your vehicle's interior stays clean, sharp, and comfortable.These services include packages to treat and protect leather, carpet, fabric, and upholstery from damage.

Simply climbing in and out of the vehicle in the winter can put your interior at risk, dragging in snow, mud and moisture from outside that can damage leather seats or soak into fabric and potentially cause mold. Spills can cause stains, and liquids can be absorbed into your seats and carpeting. All of this can be prevented with one of two services.

Mountain truck


Our fabric protection service is an application of a water based solution engineered to protect the fabrics in your vehicle by forming an invisible shield over each individual fiber of the carpeting, upholstery, and fabrics without altering the look or feel of the material. Once applied, the solution prevents contact with the fibers of your vehicle's interior, protecting them from spills, mud, leaks, and moisture.

fabric interior

  • Creates an invisible shield over each strand of fabric, upholstery, and carpeting
  • Doesn't affect the look or feel of the material
  • Shields spills, mud, leaks, and moisture from contacting the material
  • Allows you to clean spills more easily
  • Prevents staining
  • Blocks UV rays to help prevent fading


Natural leather has pores in its surface that can allow liquids and semi-solids like spilled drinks and mud to absorb into the material. Without proper care, these pores can also cause fading and cracking over time. Leather seats are prized as a classy, stylish interior element. We coat the natural and sealed leather surfaces in your vehicle with our dry, PH balanced solution to prevent absorption of spills and moisture, and to prevent cracking and fading. Treat your leather right and it will keep your vehicle looking slick for many years to come.

leather seats

  • Dry, PH balanced solution
  • Conditions and protects natural and sealed leather surfaces
  • Coats leather to seal off natural pores
  • Prevents liquid absorption, cracking and fading
  • Prevents stains and makes spills easier to clean
  • Blocks harmful UV rays to prevent fading and cracking

Treat your vehicle right with our Fabric and Leather Protections sprays. For more information on how our professional technicians quickly and effectively apply these sprays, or to book a Car Seat Protection Calgary appointment, please contact us at:

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