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Our Professional Auto Detailing is available in three tiers to help you get your vehicle back to feeling new and exciting again. Our experienced professionals will make your vehicle look showroom new with professional cleaning solutions and tools, inside and out. Don't sit and stare at the dust building up in your air vents, or the stain on your seat! Bring your vehicle in to us and we will vacuum and shampoo all fabric and upholstery and clean your windows, dash, console, and vents. We will even clean your engine, clean and wax your wheels, polish any chrome and painted surfaces, to leave your vehicle looking flawless.



One of the most popular aspects of a professional detailing service is the interior detailing. We perform a full, precise clean of the inside of your vehicle from front to back and top to bottom. That includes the vents, dash, panels, consoles, cupholders and inside surfaces until they are showroom worthy. It also includes a full clean of fabric, carpet and upholstery surfaces as well as an exterior wash.

Interior Detailing

  • Full exterior wash and dry
  • Complete interior and exterior window clean
  • Professional clean of dash, vents, consoles, and interior surfaces and panels
  • Shampoo, scrubbing, and vacuum of carpeting and upholstery
  • All painted surfaces treated with wax


Another favourite, an exterior detail is extremely important in maintaining a healthy, functioning vehicle. The heart of your truck, the engine, collects a build up of dust, dirt, and grime which can, if left over time, cause a decrease in efficiency and faster wear on your vehicle. Likewise, keeping the exterior of your vehicle's paneling, wheels, and chrome can help prevent rust formation and increase the lifespan of your truck.

Exterior Detailing

  • Deep engine cleaning, shampoo, and dry
  • Wheel waxing and cleaning
  • Wax and polish of all chrome surfaces
  • Full wax of all painted surfaces


Waxing is an important step in protecting your vehicle from rust and corrosion while also giving your vehicle a showroom shine. It helps prevent moisture from making contact as well as preventing bugs, dirt, and other detritus from contacting your vehicle's paint.

  • Removes light scratches, scuffs, and marks from paint
  • Provides a sleek, bright, long lasting shine
  • Stops bugs, dirt, and other detritus from directly contacting your paint
  • Adds a rich gloss to your car's paint job


Polishing not only removes slight imperfections and scratches from your vehicle's paint, it also helps make larger scratches less noticeable. Polishing gives your vehicle a longer lasting shine and bright, showroom shimmer that waxing can't offer.

  • Removes imperfections and small scratches from your vehicle's paint
  • Helps hide larger scratches
  • Offers the longest lasting, showroom grade shine

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