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Auto Detailing can be a lot of work, and sometimes even a professional detail doesn't cover everything you'd like done. Sometimes certain aspects need more attention, or special materials. There are a few specific aspects that Auto Truck Depot offers special attention to.

Tree Sap

Tree sap is a particularly difficult substance to remove from vehicles. It builds up on trucks and cars parked underneath trees, and it presents problems in standard detailing in that it doesn't come off with pressure washing or hand washing.

Instead, our detailing professionals will apply a heavy duty removal chemical. This chemical will leave your paint untouched and will be washed off directly afterwards, and they will take with them all of the sap bubbles that have been built up on your vehicle.


Tar can build up on your vehicle through multiple sources. The most common one is driving through a construction site where fresh road tar has been laid down. This tar is picked up by your tires, and if you drive too quickly along these roads, that tar will be flung across your wheel wells and even up onto your paint. This will create a bumpy surface, darkening of the paint, and can lead to rust and corrosion.

Pet Hair

If your pets spend a lot of time in your vehicle and you don't cover your seats, they will gather a tonne of pet hair. It intermingles with the threading of the seats, and sometimes even vacuuming won't get all of it out. Bring your vehicle in to Auto Truck Depot and our professional detailers will get it all out for you.

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