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Professional Auto Detailing Calgary - Gold

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Gold tier Professional Car Detailing from Auto Truck Depot will leave your vehicle looking showroom new! Are you starting to fall out of love with your vehicle? Are you tired of cleaning out your truck when it's full of mud and road salt? Are you lacking the time, motivation, or tools and products to get your car as clean as you'd like?

A step up from Silver, the Gold tier offers a more thorough clean of your vehicle's interior and exterior. It includes all of the components of the silver detailing tier, with the addition of several premium services. We will perform a hand wax and shine of your tires, leaving your rims looking shiny and new. This will help protect them from rust and premature corrosion and wear.

Another benefit of the Gold Tier detailing is our premium carpet servicing. We will perform a thorough degreasing and shampooing of carpeting and upholstery to get out all of the caked in mud, road salts, and potential mold or mildew buildup. When your carpeting gets wet and stays wet and warm for an extended period of time, it can begin to develop mildew, which can be unhealthy and unpleasant to breath or smell.

Finally, we will service areas coated with stubborn dirt, like your door jambs. The details are what really make a job stand out, and we are devoted to catching every single one to leave you with a car that feels brand new.


Professional Car Detailing - Gold Tier

  • Hand wash vehicle exterior
  • Pressure washing of door jams, fender walls, and floor mats
  • Degrease engine, wheels, and tires
  • Full hand wax and tire shine
  • Shampoo carpets and seats
  • Vacuum complete interior and trunk
  • Hand detail dash, console, door panels, glove box,  rocker panels, and weather moldings
  • Clean windows
  • Air freshener

If you would like to book a Professions Car Detailing Calgary appointment, or for pricing and details, contact us at:

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