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Rust Stop is the number one corrosion control product on the market today. Rust Stop is an oil carried corrosion inhibitor designed to creep deep into the hidden crevices of your vehicle and form ionic bonds with the metal surfaces, seams, spot welds, and creases.

Rust Stop has an affinity for all metals, and it performs metal wetting, moisture displacement, and oxidative stability. There is no required surface protection, the product is not harmful to clothing, fabrics, leather, etc., and it can even be used on electronics like PC boards and electric motors!

Rust Stop Corrosion Label Auto Truck Depot

Rust Stop works to displace moisture build up on the components of your vehicle, even salt water, as well as protect against the formation of rust on metal surfaces by bonding with the metal and creating a protective layer. Rust Stop also features the unique capability of dissolving rust on contact! This is not just useful for application on your vehicles frame; it can be sprayed into tight areas to loosen seized bolts, keyholes, screws, and all other metals. Rust Stop retains its viscosity under high loads, and it reduces heat, friction, and noise. 

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