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Rust is a major issue when it comes to vehicle degradation, and it can be caused by a number of different circumstances.

Do you live on the coast? What about in areas that receive large amounts of snowfall? Both of these locations can expose your vehicle to high levels of salt and moisture. The combination of these two elements can cause and expedite the oxidization process on your vehicle. Simply just exposing your vehicle to moisture or humidity is enough to encourage rust on the metal components.

This rust buildup is not just an issue of aesthetics. Rust doesn't only collect on the panels on the outside of your vehicle, but also around spot welds, joints, bends, and creases in the frame, and many other interior locations that can't be seen from the outside. These can cause major structural issues that could compromise the safety of those in your vehicle and those driving around you. It can even affect your steering and suspension.

Don't let it go that far. Auto Truck Depot offers two different options for rustproofing your vehicle.

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