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Ride the open road with a little more comfort with Auto Truck Depot's Sound Deadening Services. Applied by our professionals since 1973, Sound Deadening offers a few excellent benefits. The first, of course, is deadening road sounds and vibrations to give you a quieter, more comfortable ride. Some added benefits, however, include sealing your undercarriage against rust, as well as providing protection from rocks and other road debris.

Sound Deadened Undercarriage

Our Sound Deadening application creates a thick rubberized layer along the entire undercarriage. Our treatment is guaranteed against cracking and peeling for as long as you own your vehicle. So protect the most vulnerable part of your vehicle from rocks and rust, and get a quieter ride at the same time!

  • Applies a thick rubber layer to your vehicle's undercarriage
  • Protects your vehicle's undercarriage from rocks, road salts, and other road debris
  • Seals against rust and corrosion
  • Reduces road noises and limits vibration
  • Guaranteed for as long as you own your car
  • Won't crack or peel
  • Professionally installed by Auto Truck Depot since 1973

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