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Undercoating Calgary

The undercarriage is one of the most vulnerable places on your vehicle. It is exposed to the most wear and tear from road salts, snow and water, and loose debris like gravel being kicked up into the open metal underneath. This can cause cracking and rust to the guts of your vehicle and ultimately decrease the value and life span of your vehicle. This can be prevented, though, by coming in to Auto Truck Depot for professional undercoat applications. 

Professional undercoat application


Undercoating is a petroleum and rubber based product designed to coat the uneven surfaces of your vehicle's undercarriage and wheel wells to form a protective layer that helps protect it from rocks, salt, and moisture. Undercoating is made from three main components

Latex Rubber gives the undercoating a flexing capability, allowing it to expand and contract safely with changing temperatures and helps defend your vehicle's guts from damage by rocks or road debris.

Plastic Resin lends durability to the undercoating, ensuring longevity and the coating ability to take and absorb hits from rocks and other road debris.

Tar provides a  full seal against road salt, snow, water, and other debris that could cause rust, as well as dampening sound and adding to the physical protection from rocks and other road detritus.

Professional undercoating application


Undercoating can be professionally applied to the undercarriage and wheel wells of your vehicle to prevent damage from various sources. Harmful elements such as rain water, snow, road salt, and other road debris like gravel can be kicked up prom the road, causing long lasting damage to your vehicle's hard working guts. Undercoating is a rubberized compound that seals your vehicle against physical damage as well as a weather seal against the elements. Not only that, but the material also provides sound dampening, limiting road noise for a much quieter ride.

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Undercoating increases the lifespan of your vehicle and protects your resale value by:

  • Protecting your undercarriage and wheel wells from rust
  • Reducing road noise and vibrations for a quieter ride
  • Providing protection from loose rocks, gravel, moisture, and salts

Auto Truck Depot has been performing vehicle protection services to our customers since 1988, so we have had time to perfect our processes to ensure that we can offer your the highest quality service and protection at a great price. For more information, pricing, or to book an Undercoating Calgary service, please contact us at:

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