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Window Tinting Calgary

Enhance and ease the experience of driving with Auto Truck Depot's Window Tinting Service. Window Tinting offers a wide range of protection, not just looks, for your vehicle.

When you're driving, it's nice not to have to squint to see, and sunglasses don't always cut it when the sun is bouncing off of snow. It can also be a hindrance to wear sunglasses in the back seat or passenger seat if you are trying to use an electronic device or read. With tinted windows, you can often get away without any sunglasses at all and still remain comfortable.

Tinting also provides physical protection as well. UV rays from the sun are extremely hard on any physical objects. Have you ever been driving all day and then suddenly realised you had a sun burn? The glass of your vehicle can sometimes even magnify the intensity of the rays to increase the likelihood of burns over long trips. Likewise, UV rays can accelerate the decay of your vehicle's dashboard, seats, and other interior components, and they cause colour fade as well.

Tinted sports car

Tinting also reduces glare on your glass and adds a stylish aesthetic to your vehicle. Our service is guaranteed for as long as you own your vehicle, and our trained professionals will apply the tinting while you wait!


  • Enhances driving experience
  • Offers a customized appearance
  • Reduces glare
  • Blocks harmful UV rays to prevent premature fading
  • Provides clear, un affected vision and prevent sun blinding
  • Reduces heat
  • Various shades and colour options available

Please note that window tinting laws vary from province to province. Check out the details of the law here.

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