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3M Paint, Stone & Chip Protection


Brand Scotchgard

3M Paint Protection

There's no better way to protect your vehicle than with 3M paint protection film. Keep your vehicle looking new for as long as possible.

Installing 3M paint protection film on your vehicle could be one of the simplest ways to keep moisture from causing damage to the exterior. One of the most common concerns of new vehicle owners, or those who have had their vehicle repainted, is how to keep the new paint looking new. High quality waxes and polishes can make the paint shimmer and shine but provide little to no protection from the devastation the open road can bring.


Our team of auto care service specialists at Auto Truck Depot will apply the film t your vehicle with care, making sure to perfect the compound curves, challenging grillwork, wheel openings, bumpers and all other areas that need an extra safeguard. Very low maintenance is required, and with proper care will last for years.

  • Provides clear, virtually invisible, urethane protective coating
  • Shields from stones, sand, bugs and road debris
  • Boosts vehicle trade in value
  • Lifetime guarantee as long as you own your vehicle

Our team of professional installers have been installing 3M film since 1988. Call for an appointment today!

Retail Price Auto Truck Depot Buyer's Club Pricing
Hood, Mirror & Fender Tips $329.99 $296.99
Full Bumper $369.99 $332.99
A-Pillar Roof $219.99 $197.99
Grille $189.99 $179.99

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