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Aries 12" x 18" Universal Removable Mud Flaps

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Brand Aries

Designed with versatility and durability in mind, the Aries Removable Universal Mud Flaps are easy to install with universal mounting brackets and an included 22" hangar bracket that can be cut to match the requirements for your vehicle. If you need to remove them, it's as simple as pulling out a pin and the mud flap can be removed. The flap is engineered from a thick black rubber to help prevent abrasions, increase durability and water shed capabilities, and to help hide grime. The frame is constructed from carbon steel with a semi-gloss black powder coating to prevent weather damage and rust as well as hide grime. The 12" x 18" are great for SUVs, smaller vehicles, or vehicles with regular tires. A larger size is available for vehicles with large tires or lifted trucks.

  • Thick black rubber for durability and longevity
  • Carbon steel mounting frame with semi-gloss black powder coating
  • Easy installation to factory frame
  • Universal fit and 22" hangar that can be cut to your vehicles size
  • Flaps can be removed by taking out locking pin