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Aries Rear Modular Bumper - Jeep

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Brand Aries

If you're going to be upgrading the look of your Jeep for a build, you'd better cover both ends. Designed to match the Front Modular Bumper, the Aries Rear Modular Bumper offers a few customizations to ensure it will match the planning you have put into your front bumper and your Jeep build. 3/16" thick, it is available in hardened T6 aluminum for a lightweight build that is resistance to the rust and elements, or durable carbon steel, which is heavier but can take a bigger hit. A full configuration includes the middle bumper as well as the two side extensions, but you can also cap of the ends of the central bumper with no extensions. This is usually best with Jeeps that have oversized tires. They are also available in textured black or silver powder coat finishes for increased protection as well as a style that can be matched to your Jeep. Give you Jeep daring style with the Aries Modular Bumper series!

  • Matches the style of your Aries Front Modular Bumper
  • Available in textured black of silver powder coat finish
  • Available in 3/16" hardened T6 aluminum or carbon steel
  • Full or mid configuration customization
  • Daring Style and off-road utility

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