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Aries Seat Defender - Canvas Seat Cover for Bucket Seats

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Brand Aries

Engineered with a durable, double-sided design, the Aries Seat Defender is a great choice for long lasting seat protection. The lower layer is designed to match your hard-working, hard playing lifestyle, with full Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) construction. The Thermoplastic is water resistant to provide a final line of defense against water seeping through the cover and onto your seat, and it is designed to grab the textured seat surface for minimal sliding and maximum comfort. The upper layers of the covers are made from a woven 600-denier terylene style fabric that fights to keep out dirt and spills while offering a comfortable seat for the driver or passenger. They're easy to put on and take off, and can be folded up to almost nothing for storage in your home or out of the way in your vehicle when you don't need them, and the best part is they're machine washable! Aries Seat Defender protects your seat from harm, and offers a comfortable, no slip seat, an they are available in black, grey, camouflage, or brown to ensure an aesthetic match to your vehicle and your style.

  • Durable double-layered construction
  • Thermoplastic Rubber underside layer
  • Woven 600-denier terylene style fabric upper layer
  • Available in both bucket and bench seat styles
  • Comes in black, grey, brown, or camouflage
  • Universal design
  • Easy to take on and off

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