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BACKRACK 16" X 7" Folding Utility Light Bracket Center Mount - 91002RECF

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Brand Backrack

Nearly identical to the standard Center Mount Light Bracket, this light bracket mounts in the center of your BACKRACK Truck Rack. Just like the other models, it features a 16" x 7" base with a hole drilled in the center for wiring to run through. So what makes this unit so much different than the standard 16" x 7" Utility Light Bracket or the Center Mount 16" x 7" bracket? By opening a steel release catch, the light can fold 180 degrees into your truck bed. When upright, the light sits facing upwards on top of the base, just in front of the rack. Once folded down, the light is protected from damage and allows extra height clearance off the top of your truck. It does, however, require that you drill into your rack to ensure stability and security. The light bracket is designed to be installed on the BACKRACK Original Truck Rack. If you install the bracket on the Safety, Louvered, Open, LV, SM, TR, or TL rack, you will need to purchase longer bolts separately.


  • Center Mount
  • 16" x 7" Base
  • Requires drilling to rack
  • Hole in base center to run wiring through
  • Light sits in center of cab in front of BackRack™
  • Stainless Steel release bar activates manual 180 degree folding into truck bed.
  • Designed to bolt onto the BACKRACK Original Truck Rack
  • Installation on Safety, Louvered, Open, LV, SM, TR, or TL rack requires longer bolts (not included)

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