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BACKRACK 16" x 7" Rectangular Utility Light Bracket - 91007

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Brand Backrack

BACKRACK's Light Bar arrangements don't need to be installed symmetrically. You can mix and match sizes of brackets and styles of brackets from one upright to the next, unless you're installing a Light Bar. The 16" by 7" Rectangular Utility Light Bracket is bought individually and can be installed on either side of your truck rack, allowing you maximum customisation for your truck rack. This means you can purchase 2 of these brackets or one of these and almost any other BACKRACK Light Bracket. 

There are also options for a folding light bracket and a center mounted light bracket in the same style as this.

The 16" by 7" base has a hole cut out of the center to allow the wiring to run through, and the light is set at cab height beside each upright tube. Just like most others, this BACKRACK lighting bracket is designed to bolt directly into existing holes on the uprights of the BACKRACK Original Truck Rack. Drilling and cutting will be required to install this bracket onto the Safety, Louvered, Open, LV, SM, TR, TL Racks. If this isn't something you want to do to your truck rack, check out BACKRACK's Universal Light Bracket option.


  • Drivers or Passenger Side installation 
  • 16" x 7" Base
  • Hole in base center to run wiring through
  • Designed for use with the BACKRACK Original Truck Rack
  • Can be installed on Safety, Louvered, Open, LV, SM, TR, TL Racks, drilling and cutting required
  • Bolts to existing holes in upright
  • Places light at cab height beside each upright tube

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