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BACKRACK 31" Toolbox Mounting Bracket Pair - No Drill


Brand Backrack

One of three options available for mounting your BACKRACK Cab Guard, this mounting bracket is designed to be compatible with 31 inch Cross Bed Toolboxes. The brackets are designed to hold the toolbox on top of them, allowing you to keep it pressed against the back of your cab to maximize truck bed space and elevating the toolbox slightly.

Installation involves no drilling into your truck at all. Simply drill sheet metal screws through the toolbox and into the top of the toolbox bracket. Drill and bolt installation will also work well. This unit comes with the pair of brackets only, the installation hardware is included with the original hardware kit for the Truck Rack.

The Toolbox Brackets are also available in a 21 inch length if necessary. The Toolbox Bracket is NOT compatible with the Tonneau Cover Adapter Brackets. If you want to maintain the sleek profile of your toolbox, the Low Profile Bracket allows you to mount your toolbox directly on top of your bed rail.


  • Designed for 31" Cross Bed Toolboxes
  • 21" lengths also available as necessary
  • No drilling into your vehicle required
  • Hardware not included, fasteners included in your original hardware package for your Truck Rack
  • Sturdy, dependable material
  • Not compatible with Tonneau Cover Adapter Bracket
  • Allows you to keep you toolbox right against the back of your cab
  • Maximize your truck bed space
  • Product variants include:
  • BAC-91010-31
  • BAC-91011-31
  • BAC-91012-31
  • BAC-91013-31
  • BAC-91021-31
  • BAC-91023-31

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