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BACKRACK Light Bracket, 10-1/2" Base Center Mount - 91002


Brand Backrack

Unlike the 6-1/2" Light Brackets, BACKRACK's 10-1/2" Brackets offer you the option for a middle mount. This bracket clamps onto the flat bar on the horizontal assembly and it is compatible with all BACKRACK Truck Racks, although requiring longer bolts for the Safety Rack. The center mount features a 10-1/2" base for your lights or accessories with a center hole for the wiring to pass through. The base sits ahead of the Truck Rack.

Check out the matching Driver's Side and Passenger Side brackets to fully rig up your rack with lighting.


  • Provides a center mount for lights and accessories on BACKRACK Truck Racks
  • Provides a 10-1/2" base for light
  • Clamps to flat bar on horizontal assembly
  • Includes a hole in the base for running wires
  • Compatible with Safety Rack but requires longer bolts
  • Lights sit in center of cab in front of BACKRACK Rack
  • Fits all BACKRACK Truck Racks

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