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BACKRACK Light Bracket 6-1/2" Base Passenger Side - 81003


Brand Backrack

This BACKRACK 6-1/2" Light Bracket is designed for use on the BACKRACK Original Truck Rack on the passenger side of the vehicle. It features a teardrop shaped base to secure the light on and it bolts into existing holes on the upright posts of the rack. The center hole allows for wiring to be run through, and the light sits upright towards the truck cab. This light bracket can be used with toolboxes, but may require some cutting or drilling if you are installing it on a BACKRACK Truck Rack that isn't the original style.

Designed to be paired with the Drivers Side Light Bracket. If you don't like the sound of drilling into your Truck Rack to make these brackets fit, check out BACKRACK's Universal Light Bracket.

  • Used to provide a base for mounting light to drivers side of BACKRACK Rack
  • Passenger side 6-1/2"
  • Includes a teardrop base to secure light
  • Bolts to existing hole in upright
  • Center hole is used to run wiring through tubing
  • Light sits upright on bracket post towards the truck cab
  • Can be used with toolboxes
  • If used with Safety Rack, Louvered, Open, LV, SM, TR or TL - drilling and cutting may be required

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