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BACKRACK Louvered Rack (Require mounting brackets - sold separately)


Brand Backrack

All BACKRACK Racks require mounting brackets (sold separately) for installation.

The Louvered Rack is another great product from BACKRACK. Constructed from durable steel, run through an electrostatic dip process, and then powder coated to ensure protection from the elements, this Cab Guard, like all BACKRACK products, is designed to last. With no drilling required for installation on most trucks, you'll be loading up cargo in no time! The louvers are constructed in the same way as the frame, making them extremely durable. They also serve to help deflect light coming in through the rear window. This not only limits glare, but also keeps your vehicle's interior cooler, and limits fading caused by harmful UV rays. The louvers even have rolled edges, which provide a better surface for better powder coat adhesion.

Like all BACKRACK products, there are multiple hardware kits available separately, which means that the rack will fit on a wide variety of vehicle applications! There are a wide variety of accessories available, from light mount brackets to antennas, speakers, and more. The best part is they are all designed to bolt or clamp to the frame of the rack, which means no drill installation for these too. You can even get an adapter bracket for the rack that will allow it to be used on a truck with an installed tonneau cover, so you can get the best of both worlds. Check out BACKRACK's Tonneau Adaptor Chart to see if your tonneau cover is compatible with these brackets

This style is also available in Half Louvered version that is split into thirds to provide more clear vision through your rear window.


  • Installs with no drilling on most vehicle applications
  • Compatible with popular tonneau covers using a bracket.
  • Wide range of bolt or clip on accessories like lights and speakers
  • Electrostatic dip and powder coat finish for long lasting durability
  • Louvers block harmful UV rays to protect against glare and fading
  • Haul long cargo like ladders and lumber without damaging your rear window or cab

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