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BACKRACK Low Profile Mounting Bracket - Drill


Brand Backrack

This BACKRACK Mounting Bracket is designed for those who need to have their toolbox sitting at the height of the truck bed rails. The Low Profile Mounting Bracket is compatible with 21 inch cross bed Toolboxes. Installation requires drilling two holes through the bed rail, and four carriage bolts are used to secure the assembly to the truck bed and to the cab guard. The toolbox is then secured with the mounting clamps that are provided with it. This will leave your toolbox sitting with a low profile, offering your truck a more sleek appearance. This product is not compatible with the Tonneau Cover Adapter Brackets.

  •  Allows you to install a BACKRACK Cab Guard as well as a cross bed toolbox
  • Compatible with 21" cross bed toolboxes
  • Offers a low profile look
  • Install your toolbox at the height of your bed rail
  • Not compatible with BACKRACK's Tonneau Cover Adapter Bracket
  • Requires drilling two holes into your bed rail

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