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BACKRACK Safety Rack Universal Light Bracket - 41000


Brand Backrack

The BACKRACK Safety Rack Universal Light Bracket is designed to mount on all of the BACKRACK Truck Racks except for the BACKRACK Original. This product is a perfect alternative to drilling and cutting your Truck Rack to make the other, more specifically engineered brackets fit. 

The Universal Light Bracket fastens onto the horizontal tube of the rack with sheet metal screws for a secure mounting point for your lights or accessories. The unit has a 10-1/2" by 11-1/2" base that comes with a 7/8" hole in the center for mounting and wiring.


  • Used to fasten a light to your BACKRACK Rack
  • Compatible with Safety Rack, Louvered, Open, HL, SM, TR, and TL
  • Fastens to horizontal tube on Safety Rack to provide secure mounting for a light
  • 10-1/2" x 11-1/2" base
  • Comes with 7/8" hole in center for mounting
  • Uses sheet metal screws to secure bracket

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