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BACKRACK Sport Light Bracket (Pair) 91005


Brand Backrack

The BACKRACK Sport Light Bracket set comes with 2 "L" brackets and all of the fasteners required for installation. The brackets mount on existing holes in the uprights of the frame if you are installing them on the BACKRACK Original Truck Rack. On the Safety, Louvered, Open, LV, SM, and TL Racks, drilling into the frame will be required for mounting. If you would like to avoid this, check out BACKRACK's Universal Light Bracket.

This light bracket mounts your lights or accessories at cab height at each upright tube. The kit includes a 7/16" hole on the horizontal flatbar so that you can mount stud-mounted lights as well. It is important to note that these brackets use the same mounting holes as the others, and each upright can only support one bracket of any kind.


  • Includes 2 L brackets and fasteners
  • Uses existing holes in upright to mount
  • Provide mounting for lights at cab height beside each upright tube
  • Includes 7/16" hole on horizontal flatbar to mount stud mounted lights
  • Each upright can accommodate one bracket of any kind
  • Fits all BACKRACK Racks
  • Drilling is required for Safety Rack, Louvered, Open, LV, SM, and TL