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BACKRACK Utility Light Bracket, 10-1/2" Passenger Side - 91003


Brand Backrack

The BACKRACK 10-1/2" Light Bracket is designed to mount to existing holes on the passenger side upright of your BACKRACK Original's frame. The 10 1/2" octagonal base allows you to secure larger sized lights to the bracket, and a center hole is included in the base for running wiring to the light. The base sits at cab height, set slightly behind the rack and is compatible with all BACKRACK Truck Racks. Drilling, however, is required for installation on the Safety, Louvered, Open, LV, SM, TR, and TL Racks. Note that this bracket may interfere with your use of a toolbox on your pickup truck.

There are also brackets of equivalent size and style available for the Center and Driver's Side so that your rack can be fully rigged with lighting. If drilling into your Truck Rack doesn't sound like something you'd like to do, try the BACKRACK Universal Light Bracket instead.


  • Provides a mount for utility light on passenger side of BACKRACK Truck Rack
  • Provides a 10-1/2" octagonal base for light
  • Bolts to existing hole in upright
  • Includes a hole in the base for running wires
  • Light sits at cab height slightly behind rack
  • May interfere with toolbox opening
  • Compatible with all BACKRACK Truck Racks
  • Drilling is required for Safety Rack, Louvered, Open, LV, SM, TR, and TL