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Backup Sensor Reversing System RVS-112

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Brand Rear View Safety

This backup camera reversing system provides audible alerts when objects are in your way while backing up. The audio frequency and alert signals change as your distance increases or decreases from objects to provide accurate warnings of distance. The system automatically initiates when reversing, and when used with a backup camera, the distance is shown on the monitor. Back up safely with this backup sensor reversing system.


  • Automatic backup alert system with 4 weatherproof sensors
  • Detects ranges from 12 inches to 2 feet
  • Provides audible warnings for objects in your way
  • Uses advanced altrasonic echo location sonar technology
  • System automatically activated when vehicle is put in reverse
  • 4 zone audio pulse increases and frequency changes as you get closer to objects
  • A unique and loud special warning sound occurs when moving objects are detected
  • When used in conjunction with a backup camera system, distance from the backup sensors is shown
  • 1-year warranty
  • RVS-115 Spec Sheet

# RVS-112

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