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Autoconnect Commander Remote Starter Module Add-on FALL SUPER SALE

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Brand Autoconnect

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AutoConnect®’s AC200GPS3G modem is the fastest Smartphone based vehicle remote starter system on the market. It allows for almost instant control of the vehicle via your smartphone. AutoConnect® believes simply starting, locking, unlocking or even receiving an alert that your alarm has been triggered, all from your Smartphone, isn’t enough. Unlike other systems, the AC200GPS3G modem will not only confirm that a command has been received by the remote starter, but also that it has been successfully completed. What this means, is no more guessing whether your vehicle started, or if it is actually locked. You can even extend or request the runtime remaining on the starter, or if your vehicle doesn’t start, the AC will let you know why. This proprietary “True 2‐Way” technology is only enhanced even further with the newly released lightning fast speed of the advanced 3G DataStart™ modem. AutoConnect® Knows…. So You Know…. Only Faster!


  • Smartphone vehicle remot starter connectivity
  • Start/Lock/Unlock/Trunk functions all included
  • Built in backup battery and status alert
  • New CTS data port to AutoConnect and Solace Starters
  • Voltage request
  • Starter disable output
  • IC3 data port to Solace Starters
  • Proprietary True 2-Way confirmation
  • Monitors security status with alerts
  • Runtime remaining request
  • Vehicle status intelligence
  • True 2-Way failed start feedback
  • IC3 data port to AutoConnect remote starters
  • Track your vehicle with GPS tracking
  • Requires monthly subscription

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