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Ventshades Chrome (3M Mounted) (4-Piece Set)


Brand AVS

By connecting a ventshade to your vehicle, you are not only adding style, but practicality as well. These classic-style side air vents give an unimpressive standard look and improved air quality as well. These vents feature no drill inserts to give your vehicle a high-class performance appearance, and they mount with concealed 3M tape. They are made from durable high-impact ABS material in your choice of chrome or tinted smoke. When attached properly the driver experiences a more agreeable interior in most types of weather because they allow fresh air in while keeping rain and snow out. They also allow you to keep your window partially open when locked so that on very hot days the interior is much less heated. The difference is immediate and you’ll wonder why you took so long to install this type of window visor


  • Add style to your vehicle and improve air flow
  • Easy installation with no drilling - mount with concealed 3M tape
  • Made of durable ABS material
  • Available in chrome or smoke
  • Custom fit to ever vehicle application
  • Sold in 4 pieces

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