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CURT Reflex Brake Control

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Brand CURT

The inertia-braking technology used by Curt brake controllers allows your trailer to be stopped with the same power that your truck is stopped with. That means that the entire rig stops as one cohesive unit, which decreases the likelihood of dangerous braking conditions. Curt designs all of their models to be simple to use, and flexible for a variety of different set ups. Spend less time fumbling with your brake controller and relax while you make your way towards your destination.


  • Controls any trailer with 2 to 8 electric or electrically actuated hydraulic brakes (1 to 4 axles)
  • Uses an advanced dual-axis accelerator to sense when the vehicle slows down and responds with the right amount of trailer brake pressure to provide a smooth, seamless stop
  • Self-leveling - no setup required
  • Mounts in a variety of angles above or below the dash
  • Mounting bracket, hardware, and instructions included
  • Quick plug-and-play makes it easy to move from one vehicle to another
  • Digital display provides brake force details and other diagnostic information

# 51130

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