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Dash Camera with Remote Access RVS-KP1

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Brand SmartWitness

This dash camera with remote access is ideal for semi-professional or commercial applications. This camera provides 3G/4G instant video transmission and includes built in tracking and telematics data. Photos are taken leading up to, during and after an incident, along with video, which is automatically emailed to the users email account. The camera is password protected and includes a locked case to prevent unauthorized access to the SD card. Protect yourself with real time evidence.

Dash Camera with Remote Access RVS-KP1 | Auto Truck Depot


  • Ideal for semi-professional and commercial applications
  • 3G/4G instant video transmission
  • Built in tracking and telematics data
  • Provides evidence of events leading up to, during and after an incident
  • Instant notifications are automatically send via email in less than a minute from the time of an incident
  • Features two cameras - 1 forward facing and an optional side, cargo or interior view camera
  • Integrates flawlessly with third party tracking/telematics platforms
  • Camera tracks driving information
    • Driver's view of the road
    • Vehicle location
    • Impact force
    • Speed, acceleration, steering, etc.
  •  Provides a 170° view
  • Real time still images are taken before, during and proceeding an event
  • Password protection ensures SD card can not be accessed by unauthorized users
  • Lockable case prevents theft or removal of SD card