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DECKED Drawer Dividers - Set of Four


Brand Decked

Constructed from polypropylene for durability, these DECKED Drawer Dividers are designed to make your drawer storage as organized and accessible as possible. They are 8 inches tall, and fit perfectly into one of four available slots in each drawer. This allows you to customize the spacing of the dividers to suit whatever cargo or tools you are carrying at the time. They are light grey in colour to help make finding your gear easier against the plain background. They can be repositioned quickly and with ease, making them indispensible for your organization. 


  • Set of four dividers for the DECKED Storage Systems
  • For the ultimate in vehicle organization
  • 8" tall and constructed from polypropylene for durability and longevity
  • Light grey colour makes finding your gear easier
  • Slide into one of four slots in each drawer so you can customize to your load


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