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DECKED Pickup Truck Bed Organizer


Brand Decked

DECKED's Truck Bed Organizer is a revolutionary product constructed from 100% recycled materials and custom engineered to fit your vehicle perfectly. The primary material is recycled HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), chosen after extensive testing showed that it offered an almost unnatural strength and durability when co-molded with the recycled galvanized steel frame. The Organizer can hold up to a whopping 2000 pounds of evenly distributed weight, and only weighs 200 to 230 pounds, depending on truck bed length and model! The entire unit has been treated for UV protection to prevent fading and ensure longevity. The system is impervious to very high levels of UV exposure, extreme temperatures, and it's even waterproof. DECKED even backs these claims with a three year warranty.

Two drawers, extendable up to 48", occupy the full length and width of your truck bed for maximum storage capabilities. These drawers are weatherproof (but can allow very fine snow particles or dust in) and are available with a wide range of DECKED's add-on accessories such as locks, dividersD-Boxes, or Drain Plugs to turn your drawers into coolers. and can support up to 200 pounds of gear. The drawer handles are cast aluminum, so they are durable and rust resistant, and DECKED builds them over-sized for ease of use even while wearing gloves. Installation requires no drilling or modification of your vehicle, and can be done quickly. Once installed, it can be removed or reinstalled in 15 - 20 minutes with basic hand tools, so you can take it out without hassle if necessary.

The DECKED Truck Bed Organizer is not compatible with pickup trucks that have an 8 foot bed length, or drop in plastic bed liners. It is, however, compatible with spray on plastic liners, top rail mounted ladder racks, toolboxes and tonneau covers that leave more than 12 inches of space to the bed floor, slide systems, and Thule and Yakima racks.


  • Custom engineered for each vehicle make and model for perfect fit
  • Adds massive amounts of organized storage space to your vehicle
  • Constructed from recycled HDPE co-molded to recycled galvanized steel frame
  • Can support up to 2000 pounds of evenly distributed weight
  • Unit is impervious to moisture, high levels of UV radiation, and extreme temperatures
  • Two drawers the length of the truck bed slide 48"
  • Drawers are weatherproof
  • Available with an extremely wide variety of DECKED accessories
  • Over-sized cast aluminum handles make opening drawers with gloves easy
  • No drilling or vehicle modification required for installation
  • Can be removed or re-installed in 15 - 20 minutes
  • Not compatible with 8' truck beds
  • Not compatible with drop in plastic bed liners
  • Compatible with: spray on bed liners, sliders, top rail mounted ladder racks, and more!
  • Three year warranty



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