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DU-HA Humpstor Truck Bed Storage Case

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Brand DU-HA

The DU-HA Humpstor is an all-in-one storage unit, tool box, and gun case that fits in the normally unused space above the wheel well in full size pickup truck beds.

It gives you extra storage in your truck bed, while leaving the valuable bed floor space readily available. The Humpstor installs easily using included brackets that clamp to the lip of the bed rail.

The brackets can be adjusted up or down to your height preference and to fit underneath tonneau covers and roll up covers. Holds 2 shotguns, or 1 rifle with scope in an upright position. Includes organizer /gun rack set. Lockable latches help protect your belongings from theft.


  • All-in-one Storage Unit / Tool Box / Gun Case
  • Mounts above the wheel well in pickup truck beds
  • Provides useful in-bed storage without taking away valuable floor space
  • Fits underneath toppers, tonneaus, and roll up covers
  • Acts as a legal gun case in most states
  • Holds 2 shotguns or 1 rifle with scope
  • Includes organizer/gun rack set made of soft material so it won't damage your gear or guns
  • Rubber seal on the lid helps keep out moisture and dust

# 70200

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