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Elite Regular Side Rail


Brand Elite

Designed to complement the Elite Full Mesh or Side Mesh Cab Guards, the Elite Regular Side Rail is constructed from the same, durable 1-1/2" heavy duty steel and is engineered to be installed on a truck bed with no toolbox. Like the Cab Guards, it boasts more than 500 hours of salt spray testing. This means that you can be sure it is long lasting, and will resist corrosion and wear. If you are looking to work with a Crossover Toolbox installed in your truck bed, check out the Toolbox Side Rail. Once these rails are mounted on your rails, you can fully deck out your truck bed with Elite's Universal Rear Rack, maximizing your cargo space.

The Side Rail works several jobs once you have it installed. It protects your bed rails from potential damage from shifting cargo, as well as offering you even more places to secure bungees or ratchet straps so that you can be sure you cargo will be secure, no matter what you're hauling. The rail also serves as a second fastener to hold your Cab Guard in place. If you don't purchase a Side Rail to complement your Cab Guard, you will need to add a Headache Rack Mount to your order to ensure your rack stays secure and sturdy.

  • Regular Side Rail designed to install easily on truck beds that have no toolbox
  • Serves as a second fastening point for Elite Cab Guards
  • Constructed from the same 1-1/2" heavy duty steel
  • Long lasting, and durable
  • 500+ hours of salt spray testing
  • Adds more anchors to secure bungees and ratchet straps
  • Protects your bed rails from damage caused by shifting cargo
  • Compatible with Elite Universal Rear Rack
  • Also available as a Toolbox Side Rail

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