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Elite Side Mesh Cab Guard


Brand Elite

If you are looking for great rear window and cab protection, this is the Cab Guard for you. Constructed entirely from heavy duty steel, the Elite Side Mesh Cab Guard features a 1-1/2" square tubing frame and steel mesh that covers two thirds of the back of your cab, providing excellent protection from damage to your vehicle caused by shifting cargo while offering you a central area clear of obstructions for the best field of vision. This Cab Guard also offers you a place to mount ladders, lumber, or other extra long cargo that may otherwise scratch or dent your cab. The frame and mesh offer a tonne of places to secure bungees or ratchet straps to for locking down your cargo. Installation is easy and all hardware necessary comes with the rack. Elite boasts over 500 hours of salt spray test time on their racks, proving their ability to hold up against corrosion and general wear and tear.

Elite also offers Toolbox Side Rails and Standard Side Rails that can be purchased to complement your headache rack. The side rails help to secure your headache rack to your truck bed, as well as offering more space for cargo storage and better vehicle protection. If you are not purchasing one of the side rails, you will need to add a Headache Rack Mount to your order to ensure your Side Mesh Cab Guard will install properly and stay secure. If you are looking for a rack with more cab protection, check out Elite's Full Mesh Cab Guard. Need extra cargo storage space? Check out Elite's Universal Rear Rack, which will turn your cab guard into a full truck rack for maximum cargo carrying capacity.

  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • 1-1/2" square tube frame
  • Mesh protects two thirds of your cab and the frame guards the rest
  • High quality cab protection also offers a clear window for your rear view mirror
  • Offers mounting place for ladders, lumber, and other long cargo
  • Compatible with Universal Rear Rack for even more cargo storage
  • Plenty of area to secure bungees and ratchet straps to
  • Protects your cab from damage caused by shifting cargo
  • 500+ hours of salt spray test time
  • Requires Headache Rack Mount if not being purchased with Side Rails

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