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Elite Universal Rear Rack


Brand Elite

Designed to mount on to a set of Elite Toolbox Side Rails or Regular Side Rails, the Elite Universal Rear Rack will fit on any truck that has the rails installed. This rack perfectly complements the Elite Full Mesh or Side Mesh headache racks for anyone looking to fully deck out their truck bed. The Rear Rack and Cab Guard can be used together to create a second level truck rack on which you can haul ladders, lumber and other long cargo. This clears up all of the space in your truck bed for smaller, shorter, or more fragile items to maximize your cargo carrying capacity. It also makes moving in and out of your truck bed easier when hauling long cargo.

The Universal Rear Rack is constructed from the same heavy duty, 1-1/2" square steel tubing that Elite has over 500 hours of salt spray test on. That means it is guaranteed durable and long lasting, and it can support the weight of your cargo. The Rear Rack also offers space to secure bungees or ratchet straps to, whether it's to secure cargo in your truck bed or above it. Put together the full set today to have your truck bed ready for anything.

  • Designed to mount onto Elite Side Rails
  • Complements the Elite Full Mesh and Side Mesh Cab Guards
  • Sturdy 1-1/2" square steel tube construction
  • 500+ hours of salt spray testing
  • Fully deck out your truck bed with the complete set
  • Creates a truck rack above your bed for extra cargo carrying capacity
  • Easily haul ladders, lumber, and other long cargo
  • Offers anchor points for bungees and ratchet straps

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