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Extang EnCore Tonneau Cover


Brand Extang



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The Extang EnCore features a revolutionary design of tonneau covers that opens from both the front and back. This cover is super lightweight and easy to install and remove. For safety, this cover self-latches in both the tailgate position and front panel. The panels are constructed of FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) to provide exceptional strength, thermal stability, and UV protection. The use of integrated channeling layers built into the side rails allows rain and moisture to slide away from and out of your truck box, so your cargo will remain dry.

The best feature of this cover is its ability to fold from both the front and back, making it easy to get access to your belongings. The cover is fully secured, and features a key lock, which enables you to access your truck bed with the tailgate locked, and feel secure knowing your belongings are safe.

Whats even better is the easy installation. Simply secure the rails into place and the cover automatically locks into place. The cover is self-latching for a quick and painless installation.

The cover comes with an OEM matte finish that gives it an elegant, high-end, factory look. This provides a clean look that adds to the style of your pickup truck. The panels are designed with exclusive TPO (Thermoplastic Olefin) skins with a rugged polypropylene core that adds incredible strength, and acts as a superior replacement to traditional aluminum covers. These unique panels have been rigorously tested against the toughest of OEM standards. The panels are engineered to resist scuffs and scratches, so you can be certain that this cover will last and keep its clean appearance through all types of use and abuse. The cover features an extremely low-profile 1-inch aluminum frame with a powder coat finish  and complete with rubber padded corners. Because of this cover's unique flexible hinge system, this cover remains one of the most water tight covers available on the market.


  • Low profile, aerodynamic design
  • Easy access from both front and rear of your truck bed
  • Self latching panels for added security
  • Matte black finish to the panels
  • Rear latches lock the cover to your tailgate and tethers secure your cover to the side rails
  • Front panel opens wide to provide access to front half of truck bed and can be locked with BOLT one-key lock features
  • 1 inch thick FRP (Fiberglass reinforced plastic) panels for thermal stability and UV protection
  • Textures powder coated frame and rubber corners
  • Extra-strong and water resistant flexible hinge system
  • Extang EnCore Tonneau Cover Installation Instructions & Product Information


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