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Husky Classic Floor Liners


Brand Husky Liners

Use Husky floor liners when protecting the back interior carpet of your truck, car, minivan or SUV. Many owners make sure that the front is covered and shielded, but tend to forget to cover the back until it is too late. Simply installing a floor liner can alleviate the headache of cleaning up an impossible splotch. Raised edges keep your feet up and allow debris to be trapped safely and away from your carpet. Easy to clean and textured to give a comfort feel while riding. Material is made from a highly durable, crack and split resistant substance to keep it long lasting and looking great. Choose from several different styles to fit the make and model of your truck or SUV. Easy to clean and slip resistant, install Husky floor liners and keep the back looking as good as the front.


  • Provides compete protection to the back interior carpet of your vehicle
  • Raised edges prevent spills from reaching the upholstery
  • Easy to clean and install
  • Made of durable, crack and spill resistant material
  • Several styles available

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