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Husky Liners X-act Contour Floor Liners


Brand Husky Liners

These custom-designed liners perfectly contour to your automobile’s floorboard, eliminating ugly gaps and keeping every inch of your floor free from damage and the wear and tear that can occur where liners don’t cover.

You will love the soft, textured finish and the gentle, smooth way these liners feel against your feet. They add just the right touch of modernity, plus an extra dose of comfort, to any automobile.

These liners are also great for saving your automobile’s delicate interior from spills, and can easily be used with any carpet hooks or fasteners your vehicle already has. Please note that front liners must be purchased separately from back liners and that both should be used for best results. Simply browse through the store to select your liners and then get ready for an improved driving experience.


  • Protects your floorboards from spills, mud, and other debris
  • FormFit measuring process ensures an exact fit to your vehicle
  • Includes a doorsill lip for added protection
  • Raised center ribs trap and channel spills away from your shoes

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