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Pace Edwards Contractor Rig Rack


Brand Pace Edwards

The Pace Edwards Contractor Rig Rack is designed for contractors, but is suitable for anyone looking for a durable and reliable truck rack system. The durable aluminum trusses provide exceptional rear-to-rear stability, and extension beams provide additional support for larger items. PVC inserts on the rear cross member reduces friction when loading the rack, and 4 winches are included for securing cargo. The rack is rust proof, durable and ready for hard work.


  • Designed to work with Pace Edwards Explorer Series Rails and your BedLocker or JackRabbit Tonneau Cover (sold seperately)
  • Durable rack system designed for contracts
  • Sturdy aluminum construction and trusses provide exceptional rear-to-rear stability
  • Longer loads are supported by extension beams
  • Adjustable cross members with adjustable handles make loading larger loads easy
  • Stainless steel fasteners used on all components
  • Rear cross member includes PVC inserts to reduce traction when loading cargo
  • 4 work winches included to fasten and secure cargo
  • Rust-proof rack system

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