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Pendaliner Plastic Truck Bed Liner - Over Rail (Local Pickup Only)

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Brand Pendaliner

Plastic truck bed liners are the obvious solution for protecting the back end of your truck or sport utility vehicle. Many owners realize that their bed takes a lot of wear and tear. Moving cargo in an out of the bed tends to scratch and rub the paint. Once the paint is worn down, the bed becomes exposed to the elements, which can often damage your vehicle beyond repair. Pendaliners are made of tough, high-density polyethylene, so they will not chip, crack or fade, even during the most extreme weather conditions. The liner's rib design guards against dents and scratches, and allows water to drain away from the bed. Adding a liner to your cargo carrying base can literally add years of life to your vehicle. Installed with attached bedcap rails for trucks that do not have any black plastic bedcaps installed,  giving you a seamless look.


  • Made of high-impact, skid-resistant plastic
  • Rich UV protected finish
  • Rib design guards against dents and scrapes
  • Built in tailgate cupholders and molded-in board holders
  • Custom fit, easy installation

* This item is unable to ship due to its size and is only available for local pickup in Calgary, AB.

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