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Rust Proof


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Rust Check is an oil based, light liquid, pressurized spray that is engineered to prevent the formation of rust. We apply Rust Check to a number of places, including inside body sections, and hidden places such as joints, spot welds, creases, and seams.

These areas are highly susceptible to rust formation because they catch moisture and salts and allow them to pool, increasing the speed with which the rust forms. Rust Check penetrates deep within all of these areas and forms a protective layer that prevents rust from forming due to moisture and other unavoidable contaminants.


Rust check is a two step process. The first step is the application of Rust Check. In layman's terms, Rust Check doesn't allow moisture and salts to reach the surface of the metal, thus preventing the formation of rust. Because of its light liquid consistency, Rust Check can be applied to access points around the edge of the vehicle, without having to drill any holes, and achieve a high enough velocity and move with low enough resistance to spread itself effectively throughout the hidden areas of your vehicle. Rust Check uses specifically engineered Corrosion Inhibitors, does not harden or dry, and is self-healing.

First, the inhibitors act as a remover, pushing any moisture away from the metal of your vehicle. Once the inhibitors reach the metal's surface, they bond with the metal, creating a tough sheen across it's surface. Once there, your metal is shielded from water and so it won't rust.

Rust Check Coat and Protect Application

Once this step is completed, the second part of the process is Coat and Protect. Rust Check Coat and Protect is a thicker version of Rust Check that is applied to the undercarriage of the vehicle. Coat and Protect has a high wash resistance and excellent adhesion to ensure it will stay on your vehicle for as long as possible. It is also self-healing and does not dry, crack or peel.


Rust is crippling for vehicles. Not only does it create paint bubbles and holes in your exterior paneling that can messy and crumbling, not to mention a huge eyesore, rust can also do major structural damage to your vehicle. Shocks can rust through and break loose, as can sway bars, struts, components of your steering array, and even the vehicle's very frame.  Keep your car looking good and diving safe for as long as possible; get a Rust Check application done at Auto Truck Depot today.


Rust Check can be applied to new or used vehicles. Please note that Rust Check protects against the formation of new rust, but it does not remove pre-existing rust.

Pricing on a Rust Check application varies depending on the vehicle. The pricing below is generally applicable but is subject to change.

Small and Medium Passenger Car

Small and Medium Passenger Car Rust Check

Large Sized Passenger Vehicle

Large Passenger Vehicle Rust Check

Minivan and Compact Pickup Truck

Minivan and Compact Pickup Truck Rust Check

Full Sized Pickup Truck

Full Sized Pickup Truck Rust Check


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