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Rust Proofing


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Without added protection, it is only a matter of time before rust will form on your vehicle. Factors such as moisture, humidity, road salt, and other pollutants will make their way into vulnerable areas of your vehicle, such as spot welds and joints, causing rust to form. Rust damage does not only affect your vehicles aesthetics, but will weaken the structural integrity, steering and suspension over time.

This can all be prevented with professionally applied Rust Check treatment from Auto Truck Depot.

What is Rust Check?

Rust check is a light liquid, pressurized spray that has been designed to stop rust from forming. The spray is applied inside body sections and hidden areas such as joints, folds, seams, and spot welds. These areas are highly vulnerable to rust formation, and places where rust will begin to spread. Rust Check penetrates deeply into these areas to provide protection against moisture and other unavoidable contaminants that will result in rust formation.

Rust Check Treatment, Calgary, AB

How does Rust Check Work?

Rust Check is designed to displace moisture with highly effective corrosion inhibitors. Corrosion inhibitors form an absorbed, bonded layer over the metal surfaces of your vehicle shield and prevent moisture from ever touching the surface. Corrosion will not occur if moisture does not make contact with the metal.

Rust Check from Auto Truck Depot

Why Should I Treat my Vehicle with Rust Check?

Without additional protection, it is only a matter of time before rust will form and begin to spread. By preventing the initial formation of rust, you can protect your vehicle from aesthetic and structural damage, and increase the resale value. 

Get professionally applied Rust Check from Auto Truck Depot and protect your investment. 

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