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SnugTop Cab-High Truck Cap

$3,999.99 $3,149.99

Brand SnugTop

The Cab-High canopy features the traditional classic canopy design. If you love the classic clean look of the original cab-high, this is the canopy for you. There are loads of available features to customize this cap to your specific needs to get the job done.


  • Traditional cab-high classic design and look
  • Sliding side windows with aluminum frame and glass insers
  • Multiple roof rack options available
  • Structural integrity enhanced with honeycomb roof reinforcement
  • Aerodynamic canopy shapes increases fuel mileage 
  • Match vehicle's OEM paint color
  • Includes wrap around fiberglass rail
  • Double bulb rubber seal protects truck bed from damage and prevents moisture and dust from entering
  • Interior light
  • Built-in LED third brake light
  • Solid, one-piece construction
  • Additional support for high stress areas with fiberglass cloth overlay
  • Comes standard with fixed front window
  • All dark tinted windows for added style and privacy
  • Includes various tailgate locking options
  • Lifetime paint and structure warranty
  • 1-year warranty on components
  • Easy, no-drill installation with J-clamps


  • Sliders with curved glass and removable sliding screens
  • Solid sides (no windows)
  • Side windoors
  • Vented side windoors


  • Fixed sliding middle window
  • Fold down fixed and sliding window
  • Fold up window with gas props
  • Front boot

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