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SnugTop High-Liner Truck Cap

$4,199.99 $3,239.99

Brand SnugTop

The SnugTop High-Liner has a slated roof that slopes higher behind the cab to provide additional cargo space. This truck cap features sliding side windows and an aluminum framed back door for reliability, accessibility and style. There are various upgrade options available so you can get exactly what you need.


  • Sloping roofline lets you carry more cargo
  • Sliding aluminum framed side windows with glass inserts
  • Aluminum framed back door with glass inserts, inside handle and locking rod
  • Mesh screens
  • Built-in rain gutters channel water away from truck bed
  • Multiple roof rack options available
  • Honeycomb roof reinforcements maximizes structural integrity
  • Aerodynamic canopy shapes increases fuel mileage 
  • Match vehicle's OEM paint color
  • Includes wrap around fiberglass rail
  • Double bulb rubber seal protects truck bed from damage and prevents moisture and dust from entering
  • Interior light
  • Built-in LED third brake light
  • Solid, one-piece construction
  • Additional support for high stress areas with fiberglass cloth overlay
  • Comes standard with fixed front window
  • All dark tinted windows for added style and privacy
  • Lifetime paint and structure warranty
  • 1-year warranty on components
  • Easy, no-drill installation with J-clamps
  • Pop-out T-handle tailgate lock
  • Multiple side window upgrade options


  • Fixed sliding middle window
  • Fold down fixed and sliding window
  • Fold up window with gas props
  • Front boot

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