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Solace S1-P 1-way 4 Button Dealer Style Remote Start System FALL SUPER SALE!

$549.99 $359.99 SAVE 35%

Brand solace

The Solace S1-P 1-way remote starter used to only be available for custom factory dealer installations,  but can now be installed into your vehicle at a very economical cost!  With a range  of 1,000 feet (5-10x further than a factory remote) and a battery that can last up to 5 years, this is affordable quality. The remote includes hot/cold vehicle start, trunk release, keyless entry, and can be programmed to two different vehicles. This remote starter system is manual transmission capable, diesel ready, and is even compatible with push-to-start vehicles, making it one of the most versatile systems on the market.

Price includes Installation and all parts!

(Shop supplies and taxes not included)


  • 1-Way Remote Features
    • Two x 1-way 4 button transmitters
    • Long range crystal AM technology (up to 1000 ft)
    • Secure code 24 bit technology
    • Bright-white high visibility LED status indicator provide better view in dark or light conditions
    • Sleek ergonomic design
    • Durable metal support construction
    • Easy Operation
  • Security Features
    • Passive/active arming
    • Add a full alarm system for only $89.99!
    • Intelligent open zone user notification
    • Dual stage shock sensor Port
    • Intelligent open zone user notification
    • Secondary analog/digital dual stage auxiliary input
    • Hood/trunk intrusion inputs
    • Starter disable
    • Horn and/or siren operation
    • Closed circuit/loop input
  • Solace Features
    • Automatic/manual/gas/diesel/hybrid operation
    • Solace-secure integrated content security ready
    • Green-Start Enviro-Run - Environmentally friendly run-time technology for 
      greater fuel savings and reduced emissions - Anti-idle law compliant
    • Cold temperature/timer start capability
    • Keyless entry & trunk release
    • 'Smart' ignition controlled locks
    • Factory disarm/rearm capability
    • Starter disable
    • Horn honk capability
    • Car finder & panic function
    • Turbo timer
    • Idle mode
  • Hardware
    • New generation 'Smart' 16k main CPU
    • Intelligent DDPS (Dedicated Driver Protection System) 
      - High speed output overload protection system with LED
    • Protection status in antenna
    • Advanced dual UART data port micro processor
    • Thermal overload 12V rail for plug-in accessories
    • Intelligent built-in diagnostic system
    • Industrial-spec rated components
    • 5 on-board 30A extreme duty relays
    • Sure-lock connectors
    • Auto connect direct plug GPS/Smart phone interface
      w/true 2-way notification
    • On-board temperature sensor
    • Single platform main board control system
    • Integrated valet switch & LED status indicators in antenna
    • Designed, engineered, and tested in Canada for extreme climate operation


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