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TITAN Travel Trekker 50 Gallon Auxiliary Fuel System


Brand Titan

Tougher than steel and longer lasting than aluminum, the TITAN Travel Trekker 50 Gallon Auxiliary Fuel System is constructed from TITAN's famous, military grade, cross-linked polymer. With the touch of one button, the TITAN Electronic Controller™ transfers fuel from the Travel Trekker™ to your vehicle's main fuel tanks until the controller automatically stops it or your manually halt the flow. The controller also automatically monitors and reports fuel levels in the auxiliary sytstems at all times. Installation of the controller is quick and easy, and doesn't require cutting into the vehicle's wiring harness. The fuel is pumped out of the top of the tank, which is safer and more environmentally responsible than a gravity flow system.They're so tough that Titan backs them with a lifetime warranty. They are for use with diesel fuel only.

There are no welds in the entire construction, which means no joints to fail and leak. If you happen to back into it with your gooseneck hitch, you will likely find that it will pop right back out into its original shape. They are routinely subjected to state of the art computer simulation tests and physical drop tests. These physical drop tests involve filling the tank completely and then dropping the tank thirty feet onto a steel panel, without losing a drop of liquid!

To keep it looking new, simply wash it with soap and water, and sometimes a little furniture spray. The interior of the tank is baffled to prevent fuel sloshing and the tank is compact enough that it can be installed in full sized pickup truck without interfering with most in bed trailer hitches and tonneau covers.

  • 50 gallon capacity
  • Electronic controls tranfer fuel to your vehicle's tank
  • Baffled to reduce fuel sloshing
  • Lifetime warranty
  • No welds to fail
  • Fits under most tonneau covers
  • Diesel fuel only
  • Won't interfere with in-bed trailer hitches
  • Compact size
  • As low as 70 pounds shipping weight
  • Keeps its rugged form and can easily be cleaned for a new look
  • Will never corrode
  • Meets DOT FMCSA Title 49 Requirements
  • Pumps from the top of the tank
  • Everything included for ease of installation

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