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TrailFX Combo Transfer Tank & Utility Chest (75 Gallon)

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Brand TrailFX

Contractors, Oilfield Techs, Hot Shot, Pilot trucks, hunters and RV owners all gain from the extended range advantages of fuel tank transfer tanks. This tank is constructed of high-grade aluminum and polished with a mirror finish.


  • Designed to transfer diesel fuel and non-potable water to the job site
  • Interior baffles reduce sway and make for easy pumping
  • Steel locking cap provides safety and fuel security
  • Big capacity reduces stops; coupled with a GPI fuel transfer pump for easy quick fuel transfer adds 1,880 km. to you range. (75 US gallon)
  • Durable superior quality gives years of service
  • Save money, fuel up at lower cost pumps and go further for less and pay for your box combo with the savings in no time


Weight: 96.00 lbs.
Dimensions: L 48.25.00" X W 27.00" X H 28.00"
W-1: 18"; H-1: 15"

# 210751

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