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TrailFX Leveling Kits


Brand TrailFX

TrailFX leveling kits let you raise and level your vehicle without jeopardizing the quality of your factory ride. These kits provide a quick and safe quality product with at an attractive price. When installed, TrailFX leveling kits let you level your vehicle or raise it for extra tire clearance. These kits come with a limited lifetime warranty against defects in design, operation, workmanship and materials.

Strut Extensions

TrailFX Strut Extensions | Auto Truck Depot

  • Maintain a smooth OEM ride without adding pressure to stock suspension components
  • Smart Strut Technology mounts on top of the strut to avoid compressing the spring and deterioration
  • Designed to never wear, break or fail
  • Fastest and safest way to level the front of your vehicle with the rear
  • Easy installation without any cutting or modification of factory installed parts

Torsion Bar Keys

TrailFX Torsion Bar Keys | Auto Truck Depot

  • Provides tire and ground clearnace
  • Easily removable, which makes them a great option for leased vehicles
  • Guaranteed for the life of your truck
  • Fastest and least expensive method for leveling or lifting your truck
  • Strongest and most reliable forged torsion key leveling system available
  • Stock ride quality is retained when installed

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