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Truck Covers USA American Rack System - Pre-Installed Tracks

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Brand Truck Covers USA

If you're purchasing a new American Roll Cover, make sure to get the American Rack System's Yakima tracks pre-installed with your cover. These tracks will allow you mount Yakima brand bike, board, and ski racks to the bed of your truck for an aerodynamic, stylish way to transport your gear. The best part is you don't have to install it, the addition of the brackets will be done by professionals before your cover even ships. These pre-installed racks can then be set up with the Add-On Kit to allow them to receive Yakima racks.

Truck Covers USA offers Yakima tracks pre-installed on the rails of new American Roll Covers that will "Plug and Play" with other Yakima products offered by Truck Covers USA including pads, control towers, cargo bars, and lock cores. From there, you can attach almost any Yakima product, from ski and snowboard racks to bike racks, to ensure that you will always be able to haul your gear.

A truly unique product, Truck Covers USA's American Rack System is a rig designed for anyone looking to set up the ultimate adventure vehicle. Whether you're hitting the highway for a trip out of town, or just cruising across the city to your favourite trails, the American Rack System will make sure your bikes, boards, or skis get there, while still keeping your cargo covered. With sturdy design and an aerodynamic, sleek construction, you won't be disappointed.

If you have already purchased a cover from Truck Covers USA and would like this rack add on, there are pre-cut tracks available that you can easily install yourself! Don't forget the Full Add-On Kit to complete the system and get your gear on the road.

  • Can haul virtually anything: skis, bikes, snowboards, and more!
  • Compatible with virtually all Yakima products
  • Comes pre-installed on a new American Roll Cover
  • Strong and durable design
  • Aerodynamic for efficiency and sleek look
  • Must order Add-On Kit in order to mount Yakima products
  • Also available in pre-cut lengths for self installation

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