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Truck Covers USA American Work Cover

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Brand Truck Covers USA



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A combination of heavy duty toolbox and the American Roll Cover, this is a deadly duo. The cover is constructed from double walled aluminum, making it lightweight and durable. It is capable of supporting up to 500 pounds of evenly distributed weight, and it is finished in a textured black powder coating to prevent scratching. Engineered to work on virtually every make and model of modern truck and cooperate with most truck accessories, like Truck Bed RacksThe body of the toolbox is constructed from galvanized sheet metal for high durability, and is finished with the same textured black powder coating for protection from rust and scratches. The lid, however, is constructed from aluminum for ultimate rust protection, lightweight usability, and protection. Inside the toolbox are two trays to help organize your tools and equipment and allow for easy access without having to open your cover.

Just like the American Roll Cover, this cover features a keyed lock for added security. The toolbox also features a key lock that uses the same key as the cover. There is an power locking option available for purchase, however, that allows you to unlock both the tailgate and toolbox wirelessly from the same key fob that you unlock your cab with.

Quick and easy to install with minimal drilling required, Truck Covers USA has manufactured their own clamp mount system to ensure durability strength. The cover has extra wide seals to prevent water from entering your truck bed, and a 4-Way flex-tube drainage system funnels water off your cover and away from your bed for the ultimate protection for your cargo. The cover opens smoothly, and features a long pull strap so you can unroll and retract for your cover without having to climb into the bed of your truck. The cover can be locked in place every twelve inches, allow you to drive with it secured in various positions for versatility in cargo hauling.

Due to Truck Covers USA being designed in a "build you own" style, there a variety of add ons available, including upgrades to chrome handles, LED light strips, upgrades to stainless steel tool trays, and the X-box version of the toolbox. This is the Line-X Premium Toolbox, which no only features abrasion and impact protection, but also protection from UV rays and fading.

This cover features the American Roll Cover and all of its premium features, plus the added benefits of the toolbox. If you are unsure of how to measure your truck bed size, check out our blog post on that topic!

  • Retractable Tonneau Cover and Toolbox Combo
  • Double walled aluminum construction for weight management and durability
  • Galvanized steel toolbox construction for extra strength
  • Can support up to 500 pounds of evenly distributed weight
  • Finished with a textured black powder coating
  • Two removable trays in the toolbox; can be upgraded from black to stainless steel
  • Keyed entry to cover and toolbox for added security
  • Add-on option for keyless unlock with your vehicle's fob
  • Smooth action
  • Pull strap for ease of cover access
  • Extra wide rail seals and 4-Way drainage for moisture control
  • Locks every 12"
  • Optional built in lighting
  • Optional chrome handle upgrade
  • Optional keyless entry latch
  • 2 year warranty

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